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FlexiPort introduces “FlexiFolio” for Businesses and professional individuals

Mumbai, 22nd April 22, 2016: FlexiPort, a leading marketplace channel for business consultants and freelancers in India, has launched Flexifolio to enable businesses and individual professionals to ha More

Using a portable battery booster Five Benefits

Portable battery booster functions are highlighted by supporting 12V vehicles for emergency start, portable illumination, and charging of mobile phone, PSP, pocket PC PDA as well as MP3/4/5. More

The benefits of the use of music fountain

This music fountain is developed on the basis of program-control fountain and is equipped with music control system. In this system, the computer firstly identifies audio frequency and the MIDI signal More

Digital storage oscilloscope

A digital storage oscilloscope is an oscilloscope which stores and analyses the signal digitally rather than using analogue techniques. It is now the most common type of oscilloscope in use because of More

Orienthold Manufacture Flaking Machine

Orienthold Machinery manufacture Puffed and Flaking Machine which is multi purpose and used for all types of grains, puffed rice, rice flakes and health mix products. More

Use gasket plate heat exchanger Precautions

Accessen this gasket plate heat exchanger is made up of a set of corrugated metal plates, rubber gaskets and frame. There are flow channels between the movable plates. The channels are sealed by gaske More

What is Wood chippers?

Wood chipper is used for cutting wood into smaller woodchips. Main cutting raw material of wood chipping machine includes after-peeling woods, bamboo woods and slabs. More

The benefits of using the injection molding machine

Yizumi company can provide pricing for Tooling, Mold repair, Sampling and Production Runs. We have competitive pricing and will do our best to save you money on your plastic part needs. More

China Plate Heat Exchanger

Accessen specializes in manufacturing custom china plate heat exchangers,It is widely used in the HVAC, cooling, power, metallurgy, chemical, food, electronics, marine, and environmental industries. More

How to use the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery

The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is the ultimate in weight versus power technology. This battery weighs in at only 4.96 pounds and offers an incredible 540 C.C.A. This is a drop in replacement for y More

DM Series Standard Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

DM standard series cold chamber die casting machine is designed and made based on the standards of famous die cast manufacturers home and abroad, with high performance and reliability of domestically More

Plate Bending Machine

This plate bending machine can be widely used in many fields, such as aluminum and steel production, shipbuilding field, wind mills, pressure vessels, and more. And our plate bending machine has three More

How to use the Co2 laser tube

Co2 laser tube and optical lenses are essential parts of laser machine. More

Slitting line

Slitting production line is designed to handle extreme ranges of materials. The rolling plate is unfolded and flattened. More

Pubic Gray Hair

Things You Should Know Before Shaving or Waxing Off That Pubic Hair More

Benefits Laser Power Supply

CO2 laser power supply refers to the high voltage power supply designed for CO2 laser devices. It is characterized with small size, light weight, easy operation, and great compatibility with CO2 laser More

How to use the jump starter power bank

We love gadgets, and many of our gadgets love power. We want our gadgets to be happy, so we try and keep them well-charged. To keep them charged in the wild, there are many options. More

Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger

The Accessen Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger is designed as a performance upgrade over shell & tube, block-type welded and brazed aluminum heat exchangers. The exchanger offers high thermal performance w More

Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer

Yong'an excavator mounted vibratory hammer, installed on the excavator's original oil system, can drive piles with its power source. When used with excavator, vibratory pile driver can be very flexibl More

Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

Co2 laser cutting machine glows as laser power drives laser tube, whose light will be passed on to laser head. More

Tube mill for welding preparation

There are a variety of equipment to provide these programs, but more and more industries today are choosing advanced technology machines. More

Why Replica watches

I personally grew up with very little and even when Nike released its newest shoe I would still go for the fake one cause it was close to what I wanted. The watches aren’t any different. Most original More