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Types of Dental implants in Kolkata

A Dental implant is a metallic root of a tooth. It is basically inserted inside the jaw bone and allowed to heal in that position for a period of time until the bone is strong enough to support the prostatic teeth. The implant is made up of titanium, metal which the human body can absorb very efficiently.  The dentist will initially examine your teeth properly to find if there is enough supporting bone which can safely replace a dental implant and to support the false teeth. The treatment of implant is conducted by a special surgery which is done under local anesthesia. In order to place the implants appropriately, the dentist has to make a cut around the gum tissue. In dental implant surgery; a dental implant is either screwed directly into a patient's jawbone, or built as a custom-fitted plate to be instated between the jawbone and gum.


There are different kinds of Dental implants in Kolkata which a dentist adopts for the treatment. They are Root Form Implants, Plate Form Implants and Subperiosteal Implants. The Root Form Implants are considered to be the closest in comparison with the root of the original tooth. They are mostly used in deep jaw bones that provide a wide base for replacing one or more teeth. The dentist then closes the implants very carefully with stitches. The Form Implants are beneficial in the cases where the jaw bone is small and not suitable for bone grafting. When a dentist adopts this procedure he usually utilizes a long and flat implant which is fixed to the jaw bone. The dental implants in Kolkata are conducted in a hygiene manner and the patient does not feel any pain.


Cosmetic dentistry in Kolkata is not at all a new discovery in the branch of medical science. As we go for the facial cosmetic surgery, this is meant for teeth. By maintaining a white shinning tooth, you can enhance your personality. Moreover, you can boost up your confidence level when having a conversation with another person. You can taste all the flavors of food without facing any dental problem. Actually, it is medical treatment by which a person can reshape his broken or damaged teeth. There are some other treatments too which falls under this category. They are teeth whitening, root canal treatment or adding crows and bridges.


The cost of Cosmetic Dentistry in Kolkata depends upon the kind of treatment the patient is opting for. All these methods are highly effective and are conducted by highly experienced surgeons. The procedure followed in the treatment is advanced and produces optimum results. But you need to take care of your teeth thereafter. It must be remembered that the germs and the bacteria attacks the enamel of the teeth very quickly. The food particles should be allowed to stick on the surface of the teeth.


There are several people, who root for the Subperiosteal Dental implants in Kolkata, which is conducted in emergency situations. The damage is extreme and the jaw bone is not sufficiently wide or deep for Root Form Implants and Plate Form Implants. You need to visit the right dentist to get the implants.