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Know How to Select Perfect Bra for You - Tips by Shirley of Hollywood Designers

Do you feel suffocating when you wear bra? Do your innerwear leave a mark when you take off it? Do your bosoms pops out when you wear your lingerie? If your answer for any of these question is 'yes', you are wearing a wrong bra.


It is a fact that almost 90% of ladies wear a wrong sized bra; and even several of those who wear the right size, purchase those without any size-knowledge. It not only makes you uncomfortable, but also damages the shape of your bosom permanently. Remember, bras are not just to give you a sexy look, but also to support your breast so that they remain in shape for longer time and you feel lighter, says a reputed wholesaler of Shirley of Hollywood plus size in NSW.


So, when we start finding a bra, we mostly pay attention to the design, color and sometimes the material. When it comes to size, ladies say the vendor the chest size like 32 or 36 and so on. But, one needs to know two size when they select this piece of attire - chest size and cup size.


It becomes even important when you are a plus size lady and proper support is highly important. Due to inferiority complex, often these ladies select small cup size thinking that it will tighten your bosom more and you'll look slimmer. But, it is a misconception; your actual size is the best for you.


So, how to measure which size if best fit for you? Well, to know that you need to measure your chest first, which is measuring your chest line just below your cups. Say it is 36 inch; so your strap length would be 36. Now, you need to know the cup size. So, take the tape again and measure your chest through the nipple area. Say the size you got is 40. So, your cup size would be ‘C’. How? Your chest size considered as 'A' and then B, C, D, E etc for every 2nd size. So, in this case, 36 is A, 38 is B and so on, said the manager of a wholesaler of Shirley of Hollywood plus size in NSW.


Another thing that you need to consider is the stripes used in your bra. For plus size ladies, it should be a bit wide to carry the weight easily without leaving any reddish mark on your shoulder. Find for something with elastic material than cotton as it gives you more freedom to fit on your body better. For more information on this topic, please check our earlier posts.


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