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Tips by Fashion Experts to Choose Matching Shoe for an Outfit

Working ladies, especially who are in corporate sector, are in advantage. They mostly wear uniforms of formal dress and thus they don't have to calculate a lot for selecting their shoe. Well, but these a just a minor part of the ladies. For others there are several types of dresses and everyone is dissatisfied with what they wear. So, today we'll give you some useful tips to improve your style by choosing perfect matching shoe for a particular piece of attire.


Color of Your Dress

"Though there is no hard and fast rule of selecting shoe by color", says a seller of women's Ellie shoes wholesaler NSW. Still, it has become a fashion and trend to match the color of your shoe with your top. However, there are some people who also likes to match it with bottom, I personally doesn't like that. If you wear a denim jeans with a denim colored shoe, I don't think it would look nice. However, if you match it is a skirt, it could be a nice choice.


Also, a rule of thumb here is wearing red or black shoe; they mostly match with any outfit and there is no harm in wearing a denim jeans with a red shoe. However, make sure your dress isn't from the same shades of your shoe - say pink. On that case, you may like to wear black or pink shoe.


Type of Your Dress

If you don't want to appear funny, select your shoe type as per your dress. It is same important as the color. I hardly could control my laughter if I see a lady wearing lehenga (an Indian outfit) with a canvas, says a women's Ellie shoes wholesaler NSW. So, it matters a lot. High heel shoes are okay with most of the dresses. But, if you wear a printed dress, a designer shoe would be a better choice.


Season Matters

Women from winter countries are luckier. They can wear most types of shoes across the year. But, those who are from tropical countries should be careful. I don’t think you would be comfortable wearing a feathery shoe in the summer or a striped shoe. So, keep weather in mind while you pick up a shoe from your wardrobe. Light shoes are better for summer; water-proofs for rainy and snowy season and almost any in the spring. For winter, you may like to wear warm shoes.


Heels - Make Sense

While stiletto heels are good to look your legs slender and you can easily wear with pencil skirts, kitten heels are better for its versatility. If you wear a stiletto heel shoe with a long skirt, it may appear absurd and you shouldn't expect a good comment from others. So, what ultimately works is your common sense. You can also check some pictures of the particular shoe or attire to know what other women are using with that particular attire. Isn't it a good idea?


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