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Opt For Kids’ Loft Beds To Save Considerable Space In Your Child’s Room

When looking to redesign your home; special attention must be reserved for your child’s room. Typically, your kid’s room is smaller in size compared to the master bedroom or the living room of your house. So you need to be precise and specific when choosing furniture for your little one to ensure the room is functional and space effective. Among bedroom furniture for kids, choosing kid’s single beds can be a tricky affair owing to the size of the room. Special attention should be put when selecting the bed for your child as he/she is bound to spend a bulk of their time on it. Opting for kids loft beds can be a good choice as they are great space savers and are relatively popular among kids owing to their unique and colourful design. Loft bed is basically similar to a bunk bed without the bottom bunk and remains elevated off the ground, hence freeing up the floor space in the room.

Before buying a loft bed for your little one there are two factors that you need to consider –


  • The weight of your child. This would determine which material to opt for to ensure the bed is sturdy enough.


  • The height of your child; to determine the exact length of the bed as well as the height to leave from the ceiling to ensure your little one can sit on the bed without having to bend his/her neck


Material used for loft beds

In general, wood is the most popular material used for manufacturing a loft bed. Wooden loft beds are typically sturdy and durable in nature and ensure considerable longevity. Loft beds are also made of metal frames, either steel or wrought iron or sometimes even fusion of wood and metal. Metal essentially lends a more modern look to the furniture, while wooden frames can be more elegant in terms of design and come in a variety of styles.


Great space saver

The major advantage of going with loft beds for your child’s room is the space saving opportunities it provide. When there is a dearth of floor space in your little one’s room; then choosing these beds are compelling options. These beds are designed specifically to offer additional spaces in the room without compromising on the overall decor of the room.


Customization of the space beneath the loft bed

The space underneath the loft bed, in case the bed is hung from the ceiling, is absolutely free. So utilizing this space for enhancing the decor of the room further is a good option. One of the best ideas in this regard is to have a table and chair placed below it; thereby creating a nice working or study area for your child. You can also consider placing a closet underneath the loft bed to save additional space in the room. Plus the closet or a wardrobe placed there in will act as a storage option for tucking away all your little one’s belongings.


Overall, loft beds are a feasible option for your child owing to their distinct features and unmatched ability of enhancing the decor of the room.