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Benefits of Opiate Addiction Program in St. George, Utah

The benefits of opiate addiction treatment programs are many. St. George, Utah has one of the best opiate addiction treatment programs in the country, and you can rest assured that you are in good hands here. One of the more common opiate addiction treatment programs because of its convenience and practicality is the outpatient opioid treatment.

Outpatient opioid treatment differs in the types and methods of treatment offered. Such treatment costs less than inpatient and residential treatment and is often more suitable for people with jobs or extensive social support. It is necessary to point out that low intensity outpatient opioid treatment programs will provide drug education at most. Other outpatient opoiod treatment methods include intensive day treatments which can be comparable to residential programs in services and effectiveness, depending on the needs and demands of the patient undergoing outpatient opioid treatment. In many outpatient opioid treatment programs, group counseling is usually an important component. And some outpatient oipoid treatment programs are designed to treat mental health problems in addition to the opiate addiction.

Listed below are some of the benefits of opiate addiction treatment programs, particularly those at methadone clinics in St. George, Utah.

1. Methadone works very well

Numerous studies have shown that nothing works better than methadone for keeping opiate addicts away from the use of heroin or other opiate medications. Methadone provides complete relief from withdrawal symptoms, and when appropriately medicated at methadone clinics in St. George, Utah you won’t feel the need or desire to use other opiates.

2. You will not be breaking the law

Methadone is legal, and when you are registered in a legitimate methadone clinic in St. George, Utah, as part of an opiate addiction treatment program, you have every right to use it. Instead of risking being arrested for using heroin or illegally procured prescription medication, you will be much safer and healthier using methadone. Street drugs may be contaminated.

3. You’ll be one step closer to getting your life back together

Admitting you have a problem is often the toughest, and the first step on the road to recovery. The opiate addiction treatment programs at St. George, Utah are many and you have the luxury of picking the treatment program that suits your needs best. You could choose inpatient or an outpatient opioid treatment. Contact one of the methadone clinics in St. George, Utah. Your options are plenty, but this is truly one of the best ways to face your problem and begin to get your life back together.

4. It creates a safe place for you

Opiate addiction treatment programs in St. George, Utah provide a safe space to remain sober for extended periods. Without possible distractions, it means that the patient can focus on recovery, a step that is already difficult in its own right. The focus remains where it should be by eliminating outside interference and distractions. You can choose a long term or a short term opiate addiction treatment program that suits your need and recovery mechanism best.


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