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The easing of the laws has made house for sale in Goa an easy proposition

You can judge the scale of development of a place based on the pace of real estate development. If that is the criterion, then Goa would be well and truly, the top Indian state as far as development is concerned. In fact, Goa has the highest per capita income among all the other states in India. In spite of all these favorable aspects, the price of real estate in Goa is not as expensive as in Bengaluru or Mumbai. This has made Goa the favorite destination of many people as far as purchasing properties in Goa is concerned. Thus, an advertisement for a house for sale in Goa would fetch innumerable queries.

Goa was under the Portuguese rule for fourteen years after India’s independence in 1947. Hence, the Goa people have a lot of Portuguese influence in their lives. They still observe Portuguese festivals and many people speak the language as well. The Portuguese had some amazing laws as well, especially those concerning the succession issues. They had a peculiar way of dealing with properties while passing the title from one generation to the other. These archaic laws made it difficult for real estate developers to spread in the state. However, with the grant of statehood to Goa by the Government of India, the laws have become easier, much in tune with the laws in the rest of India.

With the laws easing up, buying properties for sale in Mapusa has become easy. Mapusa is a quiet town in the northern part of Goa. It is close to the Calangute as well as the Baga beaches. Real estate development in these beaches would have a cascading effect of development in this town as well. Real estate developers have started developing posh properties in this town. There is a tremendous demand for these properties because of the competitive prices. You would be able to buy a big house in Mapusa with the amount you would spend for buying a one bedroom flat in Mumbai.

Similarly, you find great demand for real estate in places like Candolim as well. Candolim is very close to Mapusa as well as to the Calangute and Baga beaches. Thus, you find many properties for sale in Candolim as well. These places have seen great development in the overall infrastructure after the advent of the prominent real estate developers. Apartments in Candolim have high demand. The average person in Goa would like to own a house in Candolim because of its proximity to the beaches as well as the famous tourist spot, Fort Aguada.

Goa is becoming a cosmopolitan state now with people from other states too, moving in to invest in Goa. You have to thank the easing of the rules regarding transfer of property for this shift in the preference of the people. In addition, many people from this northern part of Goa had migrated to the neighboring state of Maharashtra during the Portuguese rule. They are now making a grand comeback to their hometown.