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The Reasons Why Environmental Education for Kids is a Necessity

Mother Nature has always been a very important part of every childhood. Kids learn more about life when they observe nature with all its animals, trees, and flowers bringing them closer to the world outside. The modern day children, however, spend their free time on video games, television, and other indoor activities instead. Environmental education for kids is a necessity as it is an important way of reconnecting kids to nature.

Environmental Education is Important for a More Sustainable Future

The future of the world relies on a well-educated and well informed public who are wise and concerned about the environment that sustains us, our families, and the future generations. Environmental education for kids is what can best help our future generation to make complex, conceptual connections between economic prosperity, environmental health, and benefits to the society, as well as our own well-being.

The Connection between Nature and Science

Teaching the kids about the environment makes learning real and exciting in ways that books and videos cannot. Biological and physical sciences remain unknown to children until they get a chance to be close to nature. When children visit the natural environments, they are able to see the various elements of the ecological system working together in harmony. The National Science Teachers Association has recommended to include environmental education in school curriculum in order to encourage students to observe, investigate and experiment with nature.

Increases Outdoor Learning

A report prepared by the National Wildlife Federation  has suggested that environmental education for kids prepares them for an all rounded mode of education by developing their emotional intelligence and creative capacity in addition to their intellectual abilities. Being close to nature also helps the kids with attention disorders to be able to focus better in school. One of the goals of environmental education is also to prepare the children to make well-informed decisions regarding the environment in the future.

Role of the Parents

Parents can do a lot to promote environment education for kids and teach their children how to be responsible environmental citizens. Parents have the most influence on a child’s life, as they play their roles as educators, role models, and mentors which are all equally important. Since the modern day society has now become more aware of the self-inflicted dangers that have been imposed on our planet, the need for parents to teach their kids about environmental awareness has become even more important. The opportunities for teaching their kids about the environment can also encourage them to reflect upon how they are positively or in some cases negatively contributing to the environment.