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Some Weird Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian weddings are a wonderful spectacle, with beautiful decors and colorful flowers all around. The event is a soulful yet tedious affair filled with a number of ancient traditions and rituals that are believed to bond the husband and wife for their ‘next 7 lives’. While some of these traditions are quite meaningful and beautiful, many of them are outdated and quite unusual which is why it is a surprise that they are still carried out. Here are some of these strange Indian wedding traditions.
First and Last Name Change
This is a tradition a tradition widely carried out in Northern India and parts of the West where the bride changes both her first name and last name after the marriage. The first name is given through a calculation and combination of an astrological chart while the last name comes from the husband’s last name. The bride also alters her middle name from her father’s name to her husband’s name. This practice is more common than you’d think. The tradition of changing the bride’s first name seems wrong as a name is a person’s unique identity and changing that is like stripping them of that identity.

Making the Bride Marry a Tree or a Dog
In this crazy Indian wedding tradition, the bride is made to marry a tree or a dog. According to Hindu traditions this is done to prevent the early death of the husband. The woman is married to a tree or an animal in order to avoid the evil effects of any curse on her human husband. The husband is not required to perform any such traditions, as a simple religious ceremony resolves the issue in the case of the groom. Indians strongly believe in astrology and most of the Hindu rituals are strongly based on astrological charts. Even the wedding event has to be held on a predetermined day in accordance to the position of the stars. While believing in astrology can be accepted, insulting women by marrying them to trees and animals seems like a thoughtless thing to do.

Bride’s Mother Banned from the Wedding
As unusual and strange as that sounds, in some Indian weddings, the mother of the bride is not allowed to the wedding. This is because of a belief that the mother witnessing the wedding can bring harm to the bride, her daughter or that the mother possesses an evil eye which can harm the daughter’s marriage. All this seems like superstitious stuff and banishing the bride’s own mother from her daughter’s wedding seems like a rash thing to do.