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Avoiding 4 Chiropractic Billing Issues that are a Pain in the Neck?

Chiropractors offer a valuable service to their patients, but in terms of their billing services there are ways that they can be improved. By improving your chiropractor billing, you can increase revenues and reduce the amount of stress from having to collect debt. Here are four popular methods that will help you when it comes to maximizing the efficiency of your billing practices.

Dealing with Delinquencies

There are many reasons why people do not pay their bills on time. However, you must receive their payments if you want to stay in business. After all, you have provided the service and now they must pay the bill that is due. The solution starts with something that many chiropractors are hesitant to do, but must be done in order to stay in business. You must take a no-nonsense approach that starts with not providing any more care until they pay their bill. Plus, you will need to stress the importance of receiving the bill on time right from the start. This will help to weed out patients who are not going to pay. Plus, when a collection agency is used to get what is due, they will not be surprised.

Engage Your Staff

Your staff will have to become more involved in the billing process in order to operate at peak efficiency. Quite often, your personnel are not as engaged as they should be when it comes to billing practices quite often because you are not offering them practical solutions. You can help offset this by offering bonuses that can be handed out on a monthly or yearly basis when collection goals are met. This will help everyone want to get involved in better collecting the money owed.

Insurance Issues

It is probably the most common complaint from chiropractors when it comes to the accounts receivable aspect of collecting from insurance companies. Insurance billing can be quite cumbersome, but there are methods that help make this process flow more smoothly.

You can hire a professional coder so that your records are more accurate and provide better training to your staff that oversees billing. Both of these methods will certainly help when it comes to working with insurance companies. Of course, you can always hire a third party chiropractic billing services company.

Patients who Disappear

Even the best of chiropractic billing services will not catch everyone. There will be those who simply disappear for one reason or another. Here, the best solution is to work with a respected chiropractic debt collection agency that you can turn over the task of collecting what is owed after a pre-set period of time has passed. By using this proven technique, you can help minimize the damage that is caused when a patient does not pay for your services.

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