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Why Rectangular Cantilever Umbrellas Are The Best Shade Option for Summer

Cantilever umbrellas are great to have if your summer involves spending a lot of time relaxing outdoors by the pool or in your courtyard, patio, deck, or balcony. The cantilever system provides effective shade and protection from the harsh UV rays and heat especially in the summer when the sun's heat is most intense. When choosing cantilever umbrellas, you will find that they come in many different colors and sizes, and typically in shapes like rectangular, octagon, round and square. The rectangular cantilever umbrella is an especially good option for summer and if you need to provide shade to a wider, elongated area which is often the case.


Rectangular cantilever umbrellas provide an unconventional and reliable shade solution with a simple and sleek yet impressive look. They have the same function as conventional round or octagonal outdoor umbrellas, and they can be installed either freestanding or mounted on a wall. However, they may be more practical for a space where a conventional outdoor umbrella is unable to provide ample shade or may not fit the space well. High-end rectangular cantilever umbrella systems allow you to maximize the space available in the area that needs to be shaded.


Other shapes of cantilever umbrellas may not be able to provide sufficient shade to certain layouts or shapes of outdoor furniture. Rectangular cantilever umbrellas will provide the right amount of shade to multiple sun beds or to round tables. Despite their size, some high-quality umbrellas come with gas-strut technology, making them almost effortless to open and close. Likewise, they are designed to easily deploy or close with the patented single sliding movement system.


Square cantilever umbrellas can be positioned together to create a rectangular shape. Combine two square cantilever umbrellas by mounting them individually off a single mast. This way, and with a simple, optional, interconnected rain gutter, you can create a rectangular shade that can efficiently cover up to 407 square feet of area. The same thing can be done to create an L-shaped shade for certain areas. High-quality cantilever umbrellas can rotate 360 degrees and tilt, so the shade can easily be adjusted no matter where the sun is positioned.


Some rectangular cantilever umbrellas are designed to resist strong winds, making them ideal if your area often experiences high winds. When opting for this option, make sure that the umbrella has been wind tunnel tested to speeds of up to 55mph and that it has a sail-like design to be able to efficiently resist winds. Likewise, the option of it tilting to any position and rotating 360 degrees makes it an extremely versatile shade option.


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