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How to Choose a Commercial Cantilever Umbrella in The United States

Having commercial cantilever umbrellas can be handy if your business has an outdoor area where customers can hang out. These outdoor umbrellas will provide the shade required to protect your customers from skin damage caused by the sun's harmful UV rays and also allow them to relax in comfort during the heat of the day, ultimately meaning they are likely to stay longer (ultimately spending more) and return again in the future, thus generating repeat clientele. Commercial cantilever umbrellas are designed in a way that lets you maximize your space. Whether you go for the wall-mounted or freestanding cantilever umbrella, you can be sure that either will be a great investment that can go a long way towards improving your business and its reputation. Here is a guide that can help you choose a commercial cantilever umbrella in USA:


•             Evaluate your space – Determine the amount of space available in your outdoor area before you decide to buy any commercial cantilever umbrella. This will help you decide whether to go for freestanding or wall-mounted umbrellas. A wall mountable option may be practical if there are ground fixing restrictions or a limited space. It can be mounted off a pillar, beam, or post, too. If your area is spacious, consider freestanding cantilever umbrellas.


•             Determine the amount of furniture that needs shade – Individual cantilever umbrellas are great if there are only a few tables and seats, but consider investing in a multi-mast version if there is more. This option lets you mount from one to four umbrellas off one mast. Multi-mast cantilever umbrellas come as freestanding and wall-mounted options.


•             Examine the features – Choose trouble-free umbrella systems that come with external sliding systems and gas-lift assisted deployment, so you can easily deploy, close, raise, and lower them. Consider commercial cantilever umbrellas with minimal internal moving parts and cables. That way, you do not have to worry about repairing or maintaining those components.  Look for umbrellas that can rotate at least 180 degrees if wall-mounted, and 360 degrees if freestanding.


•             Look for a durable build – Go for heavy duty commercial cantilever umbrellas that are manufactured from non-corrosive and premium materials, like anodized aluminum and marine-grade stainless steel. Make sure that the hub and fittings are made of components that are robust will not rust.


•             Check the UV protection – UV protection is crucial for these commercial umbrellas, so make sure their canopies have a shade UV rating of at least UPF 40+ or UPF 50+. Consider umbrellas that are made of 100 percent solution dyed fabrics, like premium Olefin Coslan, Sunbrella and Dickson acrylic. High-quality fabrics should be backed by a 2-5 year warranty.


•             Buy from a reputable US supplier – Globally renowned and reputable manufacturers of luxury umbrella systems located in the US market, making it easy for you to order their high-quality commercial cantilever umbrellas across the country. You can save on shipping costs this way plus warranty backup easily provided. Some suppliers also offer optional extras with their cantilever umbrellas such as built-in LED lighting within the frame.


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