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Find Large Cantilever Umbrella models in Florida with Shadowspec

A cantilever umbrella is an outdoor shading solution that is connected to a freestanding or wall-mounted pole from a single side. It can be a practical umbrella when there is not enough space for a traditional outdoor umbrella or if there are ground mounting restrictions. Shadowspec is one of the leading providers of luxury umbrella systems in the world, and they carry a great selection of large cantilever umbrellas. In Florida or in fact anywhere in USA, you can order a large cantilever umbrella from Shadowspec online or by phone and they will deliver it to your door within just a few days. Their large umbrellas are certified and wind tested to guarantee satisfaction, top performance and durability for many years, plus they are backed by extensive warranties for ‘peace-of-mind’.


Shadowspec is trusted by many customers in different countries around the world for their innovative outdoor umbrellas that are easy to operate and very functional for both home and commercial applications. The brand has been around for more than 25 years, making it one of the most preferred names in the industry when it comes to luxury umbrella systems. Their large cantilever umbrellas are wind tunnel tested, and they offer an impressive model with a vertical or forward-leaning mast and a sail-like canopy for high wind locations.


Standard cantilever umbrellas by Shadowspec are extremely versatile. They can rotate 360 degrees when freestanding, and 180 degrees when mounted. Large cantilever umbrellas can be tilted and easily adjusted to provide ample shade no matter what time of the day. Shadowspec has a range of multi-mast cantilever umbrellas that are large enough to provide up to 407 square feet of covered area. Their multi-mast systems can mount up to four umbrellas off a single, durable aluminum mast.


Large umbrellas are typically difficult to lift, lower and operate, but Shadowspec umbrellas are the exception to that. They utilize gas strut technology for easy and quick deployment. The same technology compensates the weight of the heavy umbrella too, so it is extremely well balanced, and very easy to handle while being raised or lowered. The large cantilever umbrellas come with the patented easy sliding movement for effortless closing and opening. These umbrellas are made with an aluminum hub that is engineered and assembled with neoprene washers and brass bushes for extra durability.


The canopies of Shadowspec's large cantilever umbrellas are made of premium Dickson acrylic fabric, which is 100 percent solution dyed with a color fastness of 7-8/8. Hence, it will not quickly fade, even when constantly exposed to the high UV of the sun. The canopy can filter almost all UV rays too, making it preferred and highly recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for providing maximum sun protection.


About the Author:- came into inception in 1992. They offer premium range of luxury, outdoor umbrella systems, using eye catching designs & unique styles that set them apart. They specialize in supplying premium outdoor and patio umbrellas, suitable for a wide variety of applications both domestic and commercial.  Some of their exclusive umbrella range includes: Wall mounted umbrellas, Cantilever umbrellas, double cantilever umbrellas, rotating cantilever umbrellas, high wind performance umbrella. There focus is on providing durable, easy to use, quality patio umbrellas that maximize personal comfort in the outdoor environment, enhance and add value to the surroundings of any location.



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