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Let ICD-10 have Positive Effects on Your Practice

The ICD-10 coding has received a number of mixed reviews from physicians in the healthcare industry. Of course, while any code transition is bound to garner some negative reviews, the extent to which ICD-10 is different than ICD-9 is creating a number of comments about their complexity. Plus, it also has sparked talk about bringing down potential reimbursements thanks to the new healthcare reforms that have been passed.

Of course, not everyone is down on the ICD-10 codes and practices by physicians. This is primarily because the ICD-9 has been in use for many years and did not include many of the changing diseases or geographic movement of people around the world. ICD-10 addresses these issues and help implement better understanding and treatment when it comes to diseases. Currently, there are four specific areas that the new ICD-10 coding will benefit your practice.

Operations: Digital records help improve communication between ACOs and physicians as well as speeding up the process. This means that physicians can spend more time with their patients and focus on providing better care. In addition, the new code works better with new risk sharing models and increases the overall quality of the practice itself while providing better investment opportunities. Finances: Because of the better documentation, the practice receives a higher level of reimbursement as a result. This also lowers the risk of audit thanks to better overall documentation because of the greater specificity in using the new codes.

Medical: Better documentation of illnesses provides greater clarity thanks to the new coding system. Now the patient and the practice will work better together which leads to greater care and more informed decisions by the physician on the treatment of the patient.

Professions: With better documentation, practices, and treatment which leads to higher reimbursements, it improves the practice in general by advocating for better health policies and reforms in the system.

Requirements of ICD-10 Coding Services: However, the implementation of the new code will require more from the physician and staff at least initially in order to reduce mistakes and maintain accuracy. More Knowledge of Anatomy: The anatomy of the body will need to be better known by the coders and documentation staff in order to provide the right codes for the paperwork.

Better Networking: Expanding the network will be a must that all physicians must accomplish. The many different models provided by the ACA to deliver better health care means that physicians will have to share their information through the network so that others may learn new techniques.

More Focus on Finances: In order to avoid more denials of claims, it will pay to have at least three months of cash reserves at the ready so that the impact of the mistakes can be minimized in terms of paying your staff.

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