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Factors to Consider While Buying Cantilever Pool Umbrellas in New Zealand

Cantilever pool umbrellas are perfect for the poolside. They provide shade, offset from the freestanding umbrella pole, which is typically more appropriate than the more traditional, centre pole outdoor umbrellas. Cantilever pool umbrellas allow you more flexibility on the layout of sun beds, tables and other furniture on your pool deck. Most of them are large enough to provide shade over a table and seats or several sun loungers. Trusted suppliers of luxury umbrella systems in New Zealand, that have specialised in premium umbrellas for many years are an excellent source of high-quality and trouble-free cantilever pool umbrellas, offering excellent value. Here are factors to consider when looking to buy a cantilever pool umbrella in NZ:


•             Durability – Look for a cantilever umbrella that is made with stainless steel hardware and a marine-grade aluminium frame for longevity and excellence resistance to corrosion.  For added durability and strength hub will ideally be made of aluminium too. Premium quality will generally include a fully engineered design with brass bushes, S/S hardware, and neoprene washers to ensure the highest-quality and durable construction. Consider an umbrella that does not have pulleys, ropes, winding crank systems, and internal wires/cables or moving parts, so guarantee trouble-free longevity, even after extended use.


•             Quality of the Canopy Material – The canopy is the part of the cantilever pool umbrella that will provide the shade, so it is important that it is durable and long-lasting. Consider a commercial grade canopy that is 100 percent solution dyed, with a colour fastness rating of at least 4/5. You can find cantilever pool umbrellas with a colour fastness of up to 7-8/8. Colour fastness pertains to the fabric's ability to maintain its vibrant or original colour and resist fading or running, especially when continually exposed to heat and water. Ensure the canopy can be easily removed for cleaning and/or replacement if ever necessary. Reputable manufacturers offer up to a five-year warranty for the canopy.


•             UV protection – Inferior canopies can provide shade, but only minimal protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays so your risk for skin disease, skin cancers and sunburn is still high. Hence the reason to ensure that the umbrella canopy will provide at least UPF 50+ sun protection and is rated accordingly.


•             Operation – The functionality should make it easy to open and close the cantilever pool umbrella. Look for a patented quick-release sliding system and utilisation of gas struts in the design to make the umbrella simple and quick to open and close in one sliding movement.


•             Key Features – Consider an umbrella that can rotate 360 degrees and comes with a reliable tilt system. That way, it can easily be adjusted and provide shade in the desired area, no matter where the sun is positioned.


•             Type – Apart from the regular cantilever umbrella, other options are available like the multi-mast cantilever model, which can mount up to four umbrellas on a single mast. This is recommended if you have are larger number of sun beds or a wider lounging area on your pool deck. A popular option is the Shadowspec SU6 Duo which is two umbrellas mounted on one pole, creating a rectangular shaded area that is ideal for alongside a pool.



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