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A Comparative Study: Magento Enterprise Edition Vs. Magento 2 Community Edition

Thinking of expanding your business prospect by devising an intriguing online presence? Then the Magento web development platform would be a good choice to build your online store. Now, you have two options: whether you want to build the store with Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento 2 Community Edition. The Community Edition one is with the self-hosted option and on the other hand, the Enterprise Edition one is a cloud-hosted option. Here is a comparative study of these two popular Magento editions. Go through the article minutely and choose the most feasible option for you!

  • Suitability

The Community Edition (CE) of Magento is best suited for such eCommerce stores, which are associated with small and medium-sized businesses or just starting with business. In this case, such stores would not have to deal with a huge number of concurrent consumers. On the other hand, the Enterprise Edition is just perfect for bigger firms having a huge amount of traffic, massive inventories to deal with. This is even suitable for the Business-to-Business (B2B) firms.

  • Performance

The performance factor mostly depends on the fact how effectively you can optimise your Magento site. With the help of the CE version of Magento, building a website at a lightning-quick speed is possible. However, if you install excessive third-party plugins or extensions, your site built with Magento CEmight get slowed down. If you opt for the EE version, the performance is obviously very satisfactory. However, integrating excessive modules can slow down down your Magento store.

  • Developer Support

The Community Edition of Magento does not come up with the support of Magento’s team. However, if you face any issue, you can hire any external developer to get it resolved. When you choose the Enterprise Edition, you would be getting the utmost premium support from the Magento’s expert team for 24X7. These Magento expert developers would be at your constant service to resolve the queries of the customers and they would make sure that your Magento store runs without any obstacles.

  • Functionality

With the CE version, you can build such an online store that is sufficient for running a small and medium-sized business. Starting from order management, shipping, payment to Google Analytics - everything would be present in the store. However, in the case of the EE version, along with all these functionalities and features that are available in the CE version, more additional features and improved management tools would be there. This version would help you to implement impactful marketing, advanced search, merchandising and so on.

  • Complexity and Cost for Setup

The Magento Community Edition can be downloaded without spending a single penny from your pocket! It is very easy to use as well. Even you would get the monthly hosting at free of cost. You only have to pay the developers, who would help you to set the store up. With the EE version, the maintenance cost is a bit high as you would be getting 24X7 support directly from the professional Magento developers.

Now that you have come across all the vital aspects related to both the editions offered by Magento, analyse your business requirements and choose the most feasible one for you!

Johan Smith is a professional software developer of GetAProgrammer, a Sydney-based well-established web development company that has years of experience in serving the Magento custom development field. For more updates and news, follow the LinkedIn page of GetAProgrammer.

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