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The Benefits Of Draught Proofing And Double Glazing Sash Windows

If you own a property you would know how houses look outdated after a point of time due to weather changes and pollution. Improving the exterior look of the house is the first thing that comes to mind while renovation. Windows are the most important feature of the house as it is the means of ventilation as well as that piece of decoration which makes a house look beautiful inside out. The classic example of beautiful windows would be the sash windows which are prevalent since the Victorian age. These sash windows though require some maintenance to make them last longer. The most important thing that you can do to maintain sash windows is by draught proofing sash windows. Another way to renovate sash windows is by installing double glazed sash windows. Let us see how it is advantageous:


Reduces loss of heat


Draught proofing sash windows simply mean sealing the gaps which let in foreign particles, heat and noise in the house through the windows. Draughts also have a tendency to wear down your windows and spoil the wood with excessive humidity. Sealing up the gaps makes sure that cold air gets blocked out keeping your home warm and cozy. This reduces heat loss by keeping the heat inside the house itself.

Keeps out the dirt

The air outside is too polluted and full of dirt and minute dust particles. They gain entry into your house through invisible gaps and openings that are left behind open during construction of the house. Gaps are mostly found in and around the windows therefore properly sealing them is essential. By draught proofing sash windows you will reduce your work of cleaning the home as most of the dirt is blocked out by well-sealed draught-proof windows.

Reduces the level of noise

Noise pollution is the biggest problem prevailing nowadays. With neighbors playing loud music or cars honking away on a busy day, it disrupts the peace of your home to a huge extent. To make your home sound proof and peaceful, draught proofing them would be the best option. Along with draught proofing installing double glazed sash windows would be the ideal decision on your part to make your home a peaceful and noise free area.

Reduction of rattles

Rattling is a common thing for windows, but a cause for a headache for the people having to tolerate it on a daily basis. The rattling sounds are mostly caused due to the free entry and exit of air which makes the windows move and as one pane hits the other it makes a loud noise. This can be easily stopped by draught-proofing the windows by the insertion of soft brushes. This reduces the hitting movement, thus eliminating the noise.

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The author explains all the advantages that draught-proofing and double glazed sash windows provide you with and highly recommends the implementation of the same to safeguard your home and improve the longevity of your windows.