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Help Someone to Fight against Drug Addiction

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The first process of helping out someone to fight drug addiction is to know about drug addiction yourself. From the point where a person consumes the drug, a lot of activities take place in the body. A number of changes take place in the metabolism which initiates the side effects and more craving for the drug. These have to be completely understood by a person if he / she is willing to help someone to fight against drug addiction.


After the drug is consumed, it causes a rush in the brain as a hormone named dopamine is released. This hormone is responsible for triggering feelings of pleasure in the brain. This hormone is usually triggered when a person does pleasurable activities like having a hearty meal, having sex, etc. As the brain experiences this pleasure, it wants it more. This is the stage when a person gets hooked up with the drug without even noticing that he is getting addicted to it.


Most of us start to use drugs only for pleasure or the adventure that it provides. One disheartening fact is that we are not aware of the negative effects that the drug usage might lead us up to. Also, we neglect the fact that we can get addicted to drugs. Any person may get addicted to drugs. Family history plays a role but it doesn't mean that the other's may not get addicted. Addiction is a potential threat that may strike anyone.


When your loved one is addicted, you will naturally want to help them out. Apart from providing emotional support for them, you can also help them in the path of recovery. Take them to a doctor and get their medical situation completely examined. There are a number of drug addiction rehab programs that are organized. Get details about these programs and get their preference if they would like to join as an inpatient or an outpatient. Avoid hanging out in places where social drinking is promoted as it may cause them cravings.


" We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone . "

 Drug addicted people will have a strained relationship. In this situation they will lack emotional support from their loved one. If you are able to serve them as a pillar of strength and support they will be more confident while travelling the path of recovery. Recovery is a long journey and it required a lot of patience and will power to take up this path. Motivate your loved ones and be always available for them in their ups and downs.


Everyone may support a victim but providing emotional support to them is an un-repayable gift that they would cherish for a lifetime. Getting someone out of addiction is a very big task and if you succeed in doing it there will be no greater happiness to you.


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