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Find Shade Tents for Sale in New Zealand

Are you hosting an outdoor event in New Zealand in the near future? If so, it’s a smart idea to invest in shade tents. This way, matter what the weather may be, you can keep your colleagues and guests comfortable. There’s no need to cancel your event if the weather deteriorates. Shade tents can also keep the products you are showcasing at your event safe from the elements. What’s more, having a shade tent in New Zealand is also an excellent way to promote yourself, your organization or company wherever it is deployed.


A wide range of shade tents are available in New Zealand to suit every kind of event—from corporate functions to outdoor leisure. You can choose from different colours and sizes and have the option to have your logo printed on them. Here are New Zealand’s three most popular shade tents:


1.            Instant marquee – This type of shade is usually square or rectangular and is ideal for stalls or small functions. Various grades of frames are available in aluminium that is commercial grade, premium grade, or even heavy duty industrial grade.


2.            Apex shade marquee – Designed for larger areas of shade or events, this shade comes in two types:

a.            Single peak – Has a cone-like shape

b.            Twin Peak – Has a rectangular form


3.            Event marquees – For commercial events where the weather can be extra adverse, this is the perfect type of shade. An 8m x 6m event marquee can cover up to 50 people while a 12m x 9m can accommodate around 100 people.


Not all shade tents are created equal. Be sure to check what materials are used for the shade tents before purchasing. Heavy duty larger shade tents usually have PVC canopies and a combination of galvanised steel and aluminium poles. Most types of shade tents are be easy to transport and erect erect although when it comes to deployment, some systems are quicker than others. Shade tents of superior quality will use canopy fabric with qualities such as fire retardancy, UV rays blockout, and resistant to cracking in cold weather.


To provide protection for customers and guests alike and create a more complete shaded area, sidewalls are recommended. Sidewalls are usually manufactured from the same fabric as that of the canopy. With sidewalls, you may opt to have your tent fully enclosed or just covered on the sides and back. For fully enclosed tents, sidewalls with windows are available, as are walls with doorway entrances.


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