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Top 5 things to know if you are stopped for a DUI Arizona

Arizona and other states in the United States have DUI laws to prevent drink and drive. For Arizona there is a legal limit to drink, but for minors it is a punishable offense. The legal limit is .08%, which is quite dubious because in case of field sobriety test, it is impossible to determine the limit of drinking. Most of the cases, it depends on the discretion of the enforcement officer in charge. The best thing is to find an attorney amongst many DUI lawyers in Phoenix. For a safe side any lawyer will advise to avoid drink and drive.


Things to know if you are stopped for a DUI in Arizona

1. First thing the enforcement office in Arizona will ask for your license and registration. He or she will carefully watch your behavior how you pull your ID and present it to the officer. If you are into too much alcohol it will be noticeable through your slight fumbling. The best thing is to be respectful and steady with your movement.


2. In many cases, you are most likely to give a field sobriety test. The test is simple but for more drunken straight this simple test seems difficult. You are asked for a walking a straight line, touching a finger to your nose, saying alphabets backwards, counting on your fingers and holding your leg up while saying alphabets. You can politely refuse the test if you want because the officer can’t force you to do so. Do not talk to the officer too much and request for an attorney immediately.


3. The officer may try to search your car, but it is better not to allow anyone to search your vehicle unless there is a search warrant. Don’t argue with the officer and politely refuse to the request. If you tell them yes, they can search your vehicle. It is up to that time and situation what you can best possibly do.


4. When you are stopped for a DUI in Arizona, the officer may ask questions about the drink you have and then move on to additional questions. These questions are typical to find the truth whether you are drunk or not. You can request the officer for an attorney and politely refuse to answer any question.


5. When you are given a license, you are agreed to take blood, breath or urine test if you would ever pull over on suspicion. This is called the Implied Consent Law. Your license can be suspended if you are unwilling to take the test.


About the Author: Jenny Robert is an established lawyer amongst renowned DUI lawyers in Phoenix. He has specialized in DUI cases and working for last 20 years in Arizona State. He has a strong hold in DUI cases and gives consultation to clients when they arestopped for a DUI in Arizona.