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Factors to Consider When Buying Café Umbrellas in New Zealand

Commercial patio umbrellas can help you make the most of your café's outdoor space, especially when you have customers who prefer to dine outside. Umbrellas may seem like a straightforward choice, but to get the best results, you actually need to look for the right type, design, and size. The right café umbrella can enhance the overall appeal and aesthetics of your establishment while the wrong one can make it look average and drab after a few months in the sun.


There are different kinds of patio and outdoor cantilever umbrellas to choose from. For your café, you need something that is durable, reliable, and can provide ample shade to diners, especially on a hot and sunny day. Here are some factors you should consider while buying café umbrellas in New Zealand:


  1. The size

Size is very important, so make sure that you buy umbrellas that are a suitable size for the table and chairs. If they are too small, you risk not providing sufficient cover over your diners. If they are too big, they may look out of place in a small outdoor space. Be sure to measure the area that requires shade before buying any café umbrella. The size of your table can help you choose the best umbrella size. Ideally, the bare minimum size must be at least the width of your tables. Consider an umbrella that is slightly larger to ensure it will provide the desired shade and shelter.

  1. The mechanism

Café umbrellas must be stable at all times, but you should be able to move or adjust them allow for the movement of the sun. While some outdoor umbrellas come with a tilt function that lets you adjust the angle for better coverage, in a café situation that may not always be a necessity if the umbrellas are positioned close enough proximity to each other. Be sure to check that the umbrellas will close over your tables without having to remove them every time.


  1. The features

Look for commercial grade umbrellas with an aluminium frame structure, stainless steel hardware, and high-performance fittings and hubs. Consider umbrellas with a robust mast/pole and large alumiunim extrusion for the struts.


  1. Fabric

    Make sure the café umbrella canopies are made with 100 percent solution dyed fabric with sun protection that is UPF 50+. The fabric must be easy to remove for cleaning if necessary.


  1. The supplier

You can purchase a café umbrella available for sale in New Zealand online. Look for a store that specialises in outdoor umbrellas. Some of the best suppliers will offer extensive backup warranties for their products which they carry in stock and can deliver you premium-grade umbrellas anywhere in the country either overnight or at worst, a few days.


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