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Things to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

Is it becoming too hot and glary to hang out in your patio? Maybe all you need is an outdoor patio umbrella. Residential and commercial properties can benefit from patio umbrellas that make their outdoor areas more functional. But before you head out to purchase a patio umbrella, here are some things to consider:


  • Space – Outdoor patio umbrellas come in a number of shapes and sizes. Check your space to find out what type of umbrella will be ideal for it. Don’t forget to factor in the type of installation that is required. For example, if you have limited floor space, consider a wall-mounted outdoor patio umbrella instead ones with a surface plate or in-ground anchor.
  • Location – Cheap umbrellas will not last especially if you live in a coastal area. Always check what the outdoor patio umbrella is made of. The best ones are made from marine-grade aluminium and come with stainless steel hardware. You may even find high-wind performance umbrellas that have been tested to up to 90km/h wind tunnel.
  • Usage – Consider who will be using your umbrella. For commercial properties, you may want to invest in umbrellas that have removable handles so only employees may operate them. If you plan on lounging on your patio all day, opt for an umbrella that can rotate 360 degrees and can also tilt to adjust to the sun’s placement. You might also want to check out patio umbrellas that come with portable bases with wheels for easy changing of locations within the premises.
  • Protection – An outdoor patio umbrella should do more than just block the light of the sun. It should also protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. The best umbrella canopies are made from Sunbrella or Dickson Acrylic, which is even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This type of fabric offers complete sun protection, including UVA and UVB rays.
  • Theme or style – A tacky striped umbrella may not be the way to go for your modern property. Choose outdoor patio umbrellas that have a neutral yet timeless style that can suit different property settings. It’s also best if your umbrella has a high colourfast rating cheaper ones will quickly fade and look unsightly.
  • Maintenance – The best umbrellas are easy to care for and are resistant water, stains, and moulds. Opt for outdoor patio umbrellas that come standard with a protection cover for when they’re not in use.



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