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Find the Best Quality Cantilever Umbrellas in Australia

According to statistics, around 14% of adults in Australia experience sunburn. The rate is 8% for kids and 24% for teenagers. Sunburn may seem harmless but it can cause melanomas, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. This need not mean you should avoid the outdoors of altogether though. You just need the right sun protection—you need sunblock and a top quality cantilever umbrella for your garden, patio, or deck.


Not all umbrellas are able to offer the right amount of sun protection so always check what the canopy is made of. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Dickson Acrylic. This type of fabric offers SPF 50+ protection and can inhibit UVA and UVB rays. Of course, umbrellas aren’t just for the sun. Check if the canopy of the umbrella can also resist water for when the rainy season comes. The best quality cantilever umbrellas will be resistant to moulds, stains, and fading.


Apart from the canopy, another important part of a cantilever umbrella is the frame. The best models have stainless steel hardware and marine-grade aluminium frames for longevity. You may be interested to find that there are cantilever umbrellas in Australia that offer special features, including the ability to rotate and tilt. The extent of these features depends on the type of cantilever umbrella you choose. For example, a wall-mounted cantilever umbrella may tilt up to 10 degrees while a standing cantilever umbrella may rotate 360 degrees.


The best quality cantilever umbrellas in Australia will last for years. If it is very windy where you live, opt for umbrellas that have high wind performance.


To ensure the quality of your chosen cantilever umbrella, it is recommended you look for reviews online. See what other customers have to say about the product. It is also a good sign if the company offering cantilever umbrellas also provides significant warranties backup.


Of course, high-quality umbrellas will still gradually deteriorate if you do not maintain them properly. It’s a good thing some cantilever umbrellas area easy to care for. When they aren’t in use, you simply fold them up and use a protection cover over top. The best umbrella suppliers will include a protection cover for your cantilever umbrella at no extra charge.


A durable and functional umbrella doesn’t have to be ugly or boring. You can find a wide range of stylish cantilever umbrellas online. Choose from an array of modern and stylish canopy colours, from black widow and slate grey to bitter orange and buttercup.


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