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Sher Singh Launches Revolutionary User Interface

New Delhi, 20 September 2012: Sher Singh, India’s first brand bringing the Classic Cricket Lifestyle to a global audience, unveils a new look for their website. After the social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and more recently Instagram and Medium, Sher Singh too has innovated to optimize the user's experience all from the homepage. For an online clothing brand, the decision to lay out its entire collection on the homepage and to provide a ‘below the fold’ endless scroll has been revolutionary. No more does the user have to click through pages after pages to find what they want.


With this highly interactive User Interface, Sher Singh breaks the e-commerce clutter and rolls out a ‘One Screen Online Shopping’ experience. The site revamp advances smart e-commerce integration with an array of interactive features that enhances a complete shopping experience right from the homepage.


The ‘One Screen Shopping’ module and the seamless browsing experience facilitated by the ‘Infinite Scroll’ not only enables users to explore the entire range of the Sher Singh merchandise on one page but it also allows them to shop directly from there. Key information and features of a product can be viewed on the respective image, as an overlay, by the advanced mouse-over function. From selecting a product, for instance ‘The India Polo in Bradman Yellow’, to transacting now takes just 2 steps.


Mr. Sunjay Guleria, CEO & Co-Founder, stated, “We always aim at innovating to make the Sher Singh branded experience as user-friendly as possible. With this New User Interface the entire brand experience including product visualization, merchandise details, social media feeds and the brand story can now be effortlessly accessed by the users on the home page itself.”


For customers looking to book a currently ‘Sold Out’ item, the website offers another exciting feature with the ‘Add to Waitlist’ button. Once the product is back in stock, the customer is automatically notified. Also, the deep integration with Pinterest and Facebook on every image allows a user to ‘Pin’, ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ any product they see on


The new version of the Sher Singh website ensures a clean and mesmerising user/shopping experience. There is something addictively simple about the ‘Infinite Scroll’ that seems to capture and retain the users’ attention and keeps them constantly looking for “What’s next?”




Sher Singh is an Indian brand bringing the Classic Cricket Lifestyle to a global audience. With design offices in New Delhi and New York City, Sher Singh belongs to a new breed of fashion companies redefining the rules in today’s digital world.

Sher Singh is the first Indian brand sold throughout the United States and India.


The company, started by the founders of Exclusively.In (, is supported by a number of seasoned investors and advisors from around the world, including Zaheer Khan, Rajan Anandan, (M.D, Google India), Kishore Lulla, (Chairman, Eros International) & Sushma Reddy.


To learn more or shop Sher Singh, visit