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The Benefits of Selling a Home As-Is

Being stuck with a home you can’t afford or simply don’t want can be huge drain on your finances. Even though the housing market has shown signs of improvement since the far-reaching bubble-burst of ’06, it still largely favors buyers over sellers. This means that prospective homebuyers – both first-time and experienced – have become more selective than ever. Suffice to say, this has caused sellers copious amounts of frustration. Making their homes appealing to potential buyers frequently requires pulling out all the stops – and bleed themselves dry in the process.

Fortunately for fatigued sellers, there’s a way around this. Bypassing costly repairs and models and selling your home as-is stands to save you a considerable amount of stress. While you may not get as much money as you initially hoped for, you’ll no longer be stuck with a house you don’t wish to hang onto. Additionally, companies like DFW Sell Fast are happy to offer clients fair prices for as-is homes. If selling your home in this manner is an idea you find appealing, you’re sure to love the following perks.

Freedom from Repairs

Investing in repairs for a home you no longer want can be a huge drain on your finances. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see a return on such investments. After all, if the house continues not to sell even after the repairs have been carried out, you’ve essentially spent thousands of dollars on nothing. Instead of subjecting yourself to such financial uncertainty, it may be in your best interest to simply let the place go. Selling house as is will absolve of you of any responsibility pertaining to repairs and remodels, saving you a considerable amount of time and hassle.

Freedom from Haggling

Dealing with prospective buyers who are dead-set on paying as little for your home as possible can be downright vexing. Every time they put forth an offer, you’re forced to play a frustrating waiting game. First, the offer goes through their realtor, who subsequently contacts your realtor, who then decides whether or not the offer is substantial enough to bring to your attention. After repeating this process three or more times, most sellers are at their wit’s end. Conversely, companies that specialize in purchasing as-is homes typically have their offers ready within a few days. Instead of engaging in endless haggling, many of these companies make respectable offers shortly after conducting detailed property inspections. DFW Sell Fast, for example, is famous for having offers ready within 24 hours of inspecting homes.

Freedom from Stress

Getting rid of home that was nothing but trouble will lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders. Even if you take a small financial hit, having this house out of your hair once and for all is sure to be a boon to your stress levels. Once the deed has been done, there won’t be any more open-houses, buyer inspections, realtor runarounds or annoying hagglers to worry about. Depending on your financial situation, selling the house at a loss may ultimately prove more beneficial than hanging onto it.

Trying to sell a home that no one’s interested in buying can be an uphill battle. However, no matter how flawed a house may be, odds are you can find someone willing to buy it as-is. You won’t be able to command your original asking price, but the above-mentioned perks are certainly worth any concessions you’ll wind up making.

About the Author: Janice Townsend is a marketing analyst who resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. When she was looking to sell her old home in a hurry, she got in touch with DFW Sell Fast, who offered her a fair price for the property in question. Within a week, Janice was free of her money pit of a house and shopping around for more manageable properties.