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Tips to Clean Kitchen Chimneys

Cooking in Indian households usually involves the use of lots of spices, herbs, cooking oils and ghee, among other things. This style of cooking also doesn’t rely much on closed ovens; rather it takes place in open utensils like woks, pans and skillets. With techniques like deep-frying, sautéing, grilling, and pressure-cooking being used regularly, accumulation of dust, leftover grease and dirt in the kitchen is a common problem that many of us face. It is for this reason that chimneys are gaining more popularity in the Indian market, since they work efficiently in keeping our kitchens and homes free of smoke and odour. They also expel the oily vapours present in the air, that if allowed to settle down, form thick, greasy and dirt-trapping layers on walls and cooking surfaces. Unfortunately, over time, chimneys too get dirty and need to be cleaned/serviced on a regular basis, which is no easy task in itself. We understand this problem and bring to you the best methods of cleaning kitchen chimney filters.



  • Most chimneys used in Indian kitchens employ a baffle or mesh filter. For baffle filters, use warm water and mild detergent to wipe off the greasy residue. Baffle filters should be cleaned every two to three weeks for maximum life. Mesh filters, as the name suggests, has lots of pores for smoke to pass through. Due to this, the pores get clogged with small particulate. Wash the filter every eight to 10 days. It is recommended that chimney filters are soaked in warm water so the grime is loosened before cleaning.
  • In some cases, mild detergent and hot water are not enough to clean the baffle filters thoroughly. In which case, sodium hydroxide or caustic soda should be used to get the job done. Since, this chemical is highly corrosive and produces poisonous fumes, this task should only be done by adults with at least some knowledge of chemicals. Wear gloves and mask while handling anything and wear protective clothing. Do not inhale deeply. Place your baffle filter in a metal or glass try under a tap. Lightly cover the filter by gently sparkling caustic soda on it and pour boiling water on it. Stay at a safe distance while doing so, as the reaction will produce fumes. Do not inhale the fumes. Let the filter rest for an hour and then run the tap and let the water overflow. Avoid getting in contact with the water. The running water will wash away all the dirt and residue, leaving behind a clean and sparkling filter.
  • Charcoal filters can’t be cleaned and need replacement every four to five months.
  • Duct tape chimneys are much easier to maintain than baffle filters or mesh filters, and should be cleaned with a soap scrub - ideally once a month.

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