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Even a Criminal Has a Case for Rightful Self Defense

Criminal lawyers in Largo have an unenviable task.
They must protect individuals from unfair criminalization.
As one criminal attorney pointed out, “When honest persons are criminalized it causes harmful consequences like penal fine, detention, and most of all stigmatization”.

Yes, there is clear basis for convicting people who were engaged in doing serious harm such as murder, rape, burglary, forgery and so on.

But the fairness of convicting persons involved in borderline wrongdoing is always questionable.

Such acts can include, possessing certain drugs for personal use, sex with another person, a traffic offense, or an act of apparent sedition.

The structure of criminal law is built upon concepts that are multifaceted and convoluted. There are plenty of “offenses” that unnecessarily criminalize individuals for activities that do not have a moral basis.

It is not uncommon for many countries to capitalize politically by engaging in various forms of penal populism. Every day on the TV we witness media harping on their own versions of heroism, justice and evil, very often to reinforce political propaganda.

Criminal lawyers in Largo know that even when a conduct is apparently detrimental, the harm must be discovered and pointed out by the prosecution.

Take for instance treason.

According to US law, treason is intentionally betraying one’s loyalty by levying war against the country or government.
It is a serious offense.

But to prove treason, the following must be established:

  • The defendant deliberately betrayed loyalty by either levying war against the government or by providing aid to state’s enemies.
  • The defendant must owe allegiance to the government. For example, treason does not apply to foreign nationals.

Most people tend to be apprehensive of criminal lawyers.
Why they must defend criminals when it is known they are guilty, people ask.

To a great extent this seems a fair question.

It is not about trying to convince the jury that the defendant is innocent. The police, of course have their case, and most of the time they are correct. In such cases criminal lawyers help the defendant in a way that the sentence imposed is not excessive.
In other instances, when the defendant is disputing the charges, the criminal lawyer’s job is to make the government prove its case.
More often than not, it is a question of defending a person’s rights than defending a person’s actions. Weak prosecution in cases of sedition or treason may come under such category.

A criminal lawyer’s job is to assist clients facing accusations, which they did not commit. A tenacious lawyer will try her/his best to put forward arguments that will give evidence of their clients’ honesty.
In Largo MD, bankruptcy lawyer or a criminal lawyer, the firm has its job cut out for them. Each service has its own specialty.

It is absolutely essential to defend individuals accused of crime. They must do it zealously to protect the individual’s rights as a law abiding citizen.

Even when they lose a case, it is not because of their slackness. On the contrary, it is because the prosecution was right. The criminal lawyers   just did their job.

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