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Moulding Outdoor Rooms with Pavers in Melbourne

If you are blessed with a beautiful expanse outside your home, you should make well use of it. After all, the backyard is the most versatile and useful areas of your home. There are endless possibilities when it comes to remodeling your backyard. What you need is to efficiently organize your backyard and make the most of its space. One of the ways of doing it is turning it into an outdoor room.


Outdoor rooms definitely require intricate planning and scrutiny. The material options for ordinary rooms inside your home are not very limited but for outdoor rooms, you will have to pick up elements that can withstand the wear and tear of the weather. Melbourne’s Pavers are an excellent choice for such a purpose. There are many home décor suppliers who provide pavers, fireplace hearths and tile cutting services in Melbourne. Pavers are durable and come in various colours, shapes and sizes, offering a unique and sustainable outlook to your exteriors.


These are some of the ways of using pavers to decorate your outdoor room-


Make a Pattern

The entire motive of an outdoor room is to not make it look like a patio. Pavers in Melbourne are available in a variety of patterns. So instead of choosing a random pattern for the floor, opt for a decorative pattern that gives an actual living space like appearance.


  • A running bond pattern on the pavers is an innovative way of decorating your outside space where the pavers are not stacked one upon another and is altered to some extent.
  • Another common pattern would be the herringbone pattern which involves the pavers being placed in such a manner that they can rotate throughout the surface.
  • A basket weave pattern can be chosen if you want to ape the parquet floor.


Customize your outdoor

Since pavers are found in multiple colours, you can customize the look of your outdoor in whichever way you want. You can use those colours which go with your interiors, making it look like an extension of the same house. Or you can choose pavers in those colours that match the colour of your home exterior.


Creating a Focal Point

Fireplace hearths Melbourne are often the central features of an outdoor room. If you want any such thing in your outdoor room, you can lay the pavers in a circular pattern so as to give a focal point to your room. Having a focal point accentuates the central area of the room so you can make your seating arrangements around that area.


Surrounding walls

The outdoor room can be made to look like a living room if you surround it with walls. Generally pavers are used for outdoor flooring but you may also use them to build walls and enclose your outside space with some pretty patterns. A paver wall is ideal for keeping pots of plants, adding a little greenery to the exterior.


Pavers Melbourne can be found with tile cutting service Melbourne and other home décor suppliers. It is a beautiful and creative way of moulding your outer space into an outdoor room.


Author Bio: Evan Mansfield is an interior designer and maintains a blog about home décor. Here he guides us about how to decorate outdoor rooms with pavers Melbourne.