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Ultimate & Humorous tales from Auto-biography of Bill Morgenstein

Humour is an essential part of every human life. Now in the busy materialistic lifestyle we all do require a dose of fun every now and then. Sitting in front of computers can irritate millions of employees globally, even those who work from home as well as everyone in general. What a brilliant idea it must be to catch a fresh breath of air in the form of the autobiography of Morgenstein. Well, it’s a wonderful book based on the fun-filled yet inspirational life of author Bill Morgenstein. It’s an interesting insight to the eventful life of the author. The amazing book has been quite a popular one for readers across the universe. In this biography the descriptions are perfect right from his childhood to his whole life. Each character has been portrayed life like that will make reading more interesting for sure.  This book is available on for procuring and those who want to have a good slice of fun must read it.



 Those who haven’t read it must know that it’s a humorous tales of a crazy life that involves both the author and his childhood friend Louie Dinolfo Jr. Well, like any other kid being mischievous was part of his growing up and Louie always had a major contribution to it. Being born in Brooklyn having severe interest in baseball to getting into various troubles was a habit with the author. Whether its getting into trouble with Ms. Breslin beside games of marbles, Hide and Seek, Ringaleevio, Johnny on the Pony, Stickball, punch ball and many more At times Morgenstein’s  mother got very angry  at him, but he refuses to change. Being smacked by the superintendent of his building or getting a slap for street boxing the craziness hardly ended as Louie was the instigator. Not to forget the Copperhead snake episode which he carried for his mother? Now for his mischievous act his dad got a good yelling from his Mother. Louie got him sacked once from his job at a dry cleaning, when he grabbed the cleaning and dumped them in a garbage receptacle, so when Morgenstein delivered the dry cleaning they stunk like anything and boy the author was fired.



Each time the pranks are bigger and better. Even thesodium, which he put in the park water, that resulted in a hydrogen explosion. When the police arrived on the scene Bill Morgenstein along with his friends made innocent faces that they know nothing and asked by the cops to catch the culprits if they see any. Such craziness was beautifully presented in the book, which at times will make you laugh out non-strop.



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Bill Morgenstein is a practical author who has portrayed his Humorous tales of a crazy life in his autobiography a kid from Brooklyn. The Auto-biography of Morgenstein is quite an interesting and funny one to read and get entertained.