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Why Outdoor Play is Crucial for Your Child’s Development

When children play outside, they get an opportunity to run, jump, walk, ride, and swing etc. this ultimately improves their health and well-being. Being outdoors and breathing fresh air also builds immunity and ensures better sleep. Playing outside for at least 15-20 minutes daily provides children a daily dose of Vitamin D, which ultimately makes children more energetic and enthusiastic.


Outdoor play teaches movement to kids. Open space allows kids to feel more physically active and thus play with more energy and zeal. Below are some essential benefits of playing outdoors for kids.


Promotes Social Skills

Getting kids outside and giving them opportunity to play promotes a wide range of skills, especially social skills. Going to a playground with kids is more than just running, playing, jumping and being active. It’s about learning social skills and boosting behavioral skills through a wide range of play. The best preschool in Gurgaon focuses on taking kids to nature walk, so that they not only develop social skills, but also an appreciation for nature.


Physical Benefits

Playing outside is one of the best ways for children to get some physical exercise. This ultimately reduces kids’ chances of gaining weight or catching harmful diseases. Outdoor play gives children liberty to practice and master physical skills. In addition to this, play also allows children to freely experience motor skills through running, jumping, leaping, etc. Garden is the most suitable place where children can easily practice ball-handling skills and learn more about catching and throwing. Children can also perform skills such as pushing, lifting, and carrying objects in the best possible manner.


Mental and Emotional Development

When your child goes out for some leisurely play, he/she is most likely to run, walk, skip and laugh. Play time in home or at a preschool gives children freedom to pursue activities they love to get involved in. This is something that makes them happy from inside, which ultimately develops positive emotions in them. Regularly spending time outdoors also reduces depression and anxiety in kids.


To Conclude

Outdoor play is the most joyous time for children, which contributes to learning and the overall development of toddlers. Not only this, kids are also able to express themselves more freely while learning about the world around them in the most fun and engaging way.