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How smart are you? Are you smart enough to know that the e stands for everything? eHome solutions has the relationships, talent and resources to be significant in solar. We specialize in dealer relations, marketing, lead generation and direct sales. eHome solutions are able to handle not merely  your entire lightening system we are also able to automate all of your external watering systems as well.


A smart home is a home which runs automatically. It happens to be the modern day development in our homes transformation which usually requires technological improvements to enhance standards of daily life as well as provide ease and comfort to the everyday lives of homeowners. eHome solutions was specifically made for smart , environmentally aware individuals that happen to be captivated with a stunning yard which will make pretty much all your community become environmentally friendly people.

eHome is synonymous with superiority, integration, personalized service, technology as well as affordability. We intend to make it the most recognized brand in the smart home industry. eHome solar has the infrastructure in place to provide a suite of smart solutions for every home.


We are here to help; we are dedicated to providing fantastic customer support. We will do everything we can, short of lassoing the moon. From all of your lawns to all your gardens, flowerbeds or vegetation, ehome solutions attends to every piece of information regarding all, just as soon as we say to you every single piece of information, we guarantee it because it is what we know how to do best. We have all the infrastructures in place to provide a suite of smart solutions for every home.


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