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Have A Good Set of Plans Ready Before Building A Small Log Cabin

Do you have a tight budget and still wish to have a log house of your own? Small log cabins are the best choice especially if you are living in a nuclear family. This is perfect for just the three or four of you. You can have a log cabin for your vacation abode or it can be a simple additional structure in the yard. You can take a look at some building plans so that you can build it on your own and experience a satisfying feeling.

A house made of natural wood can be very appealing, lending a relaxing look. Most people would love to have a wooden house away from the city, in the lap of nature. Anyone with experience in woodworking can try their hand at it. It’s not very easy, but you can always learn by completing the process on your own.

Selecting the log and preparation – An important part

You can use any type of timber to erect a structure but make sure the logs are absolutely straight. Here, selection plays a big role. 8-10 inches is a very good diameter, and there might be minor taperings. Pine, fir, tamarack and other conifers are great, and you can also use any kind of hardwood.  Make sure there is little or no sapwood to avoid fungal problems. You need to peel off the bark as the initial stage of preparation. Then you need to air dry and ensure proper air circulation. Leave it as it is for 1 year or more and remove the bark once it’s ready to use.

Consider the foundation

The foundation is a very important factor, though some build without any foundation. This is good only if you are building it on a temporary basis. Foundation is mainly prepared using stones, but these days it’s easy to build using cement and bricks. While preparing the foundation, decide if you desire to have a basement.

Plans go a long way

Before initiating any project, planning is important. Small log cabin plans are extremely important, so make sure you have the best ones. A plan should be one that offers the right guidance, and contain vivid instructions and illustrations. This helps you to decide the materials and estimate the cost of the whole project. A good set of blueprints will help you to go step by step through the whole process.


It also makes a lot of sense to invest in small log home kits so that you experience simplicity, low cost, less construction time and all other advantages. Erecting a small log house can take a few weeks or stretch to a number of months. It all depends on you, how well you plan, and go about the process. If you are not aware or confident about building it on your own, hire a manufacturer and they will handle the entire project.