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comfortable group of regulars

    I was watching an interview out of Edmonton and they junior bridesmaid dress were talking about me —?one girl was really praising me and the two other girls were saying they don’t like when girls are judged, but they were judging me and the pageantAt first glimpse, L’Avenue is same old same old. Nice panelling, soft lighting, moody French music and a comfortable group of regulars. The owner is Otta Zapotocky, a Czech, an informal and effervescent maitre d’, a former sommelier at Nota Bene. We sit on the sidewalk patio, cheek by jowl with two other restaurants. Place would be hopping with febrile competition in the west end. Here, there’s just a relaxed air of bonhomie.Even on the shortest of flights, cosy clothing isn't just comfortable — it's healthy. Tight clothes and high heels can lead to deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot that can quickly turn deadly. A terrifying thought, but rest assured that studies show the risk is only about 1 in almost 5,000 flights. So while flight attendants don colourful Hawaiian shirts (and flowers in their hair!), you should choose stretchy pants and a layered hoodie.Bligh said the royal visit had lifted the city’s spirits and was a shot in the arm for flood families and rescue personnel who had “done it very tough”.The country’s assistance to groups like Al-Shabab consists of training at what the UN calls an “extensive and complex” network of camps. Eritrean embassies distribute cash to Al-Shabab associates — $80,000 a month is paid out by the embassy in Nairobi. There is also evidence of Eritrean bridesmaid dresses with sleeves arms shipments to Al-Shabab-controlled areas by air and sea. Foreign Al-Shabab fighters have flown to Somalia on flights originating in Eritrea.ROASTED PORK LOIN WITH ORANGE SAUCETurkey doesn’t have to be the centrepiece of the festive dinner. Here’s a recipe for a roasted pork loin that is not only elegant but delicious.Preparation: 30 minutesCooking: 1 hourStill, the Internet has that pesky distant quality to it, and the fact that it exists in the public domain makes it feel less personal, Prof. Morrison said — a bit like “public performance.”That place is Afghanistan, a patriarchal society where women, be they wives or teenagers or young girls, disobey their husbands, any man, really, at their own peril. This is not an over-simplification. This is a tragic fact.It was obvious to anyone that was there that day that Dave Ross and Rachael Vander Ploeg were crazy about one another. He was a cop. She was a nurse. It was meant to be.

    Following the Marchesa hashtag during their recent presentation at New York Fashion Week, le tout Twitter was a-swoon over the collection. Models stood spotlit on podiums as though museum statuary. The set-up makes sense: Marchesa dresses can be sculptural pieces, grand works of mixed-media art that just happen to be clothes; many need to be seen up close to fully appreciate the details.But there was something else, too. Sitting there with Mrs. Merkoff, watching her brush coffee cake crumbs off the tablecloth, I realized that older women were once girls. And in a way, best bridesmaid dresses they still were. If you just focused on their eyes, everything else — the skin, the body — was just chintz.

     The eyeballs stayed the way they were — all ages at once.Twenty years ago we used stay with some friends who lived near Bal Harbour, about a 10 minute drive from South Beach. South Beach in those days had a reputation as a dangerous place to got and nobody I knew stayed around there. We had been reading about the art deco rehabilitation in the Miami papers, and when Allan and I decided to have a look our friends at Bal Harbour were shocked and told us we wouldn’t be safe.

    We did wander around looking with awe at what they kept from the wrecking ball but it lacked people. Today, South Beach’s liveliness is irresistible and safe enough for babies.“I was somewhat of a contrarian about the liquidity worries, but the evidence is starting to pile up,” Charles Himmelberg, the Goldman analyst, told Bloomberg. “The trend reflects the rising cost of holding corporate-bond positions.

     This looks increasingly like a growing headwind that will be with us for some time.”WIMBLEDON, England —?They were still strolling down Church Road, plastic coolers and lawn chairs in hand, at about 9 a.m. on Saturday. But when they arrived at the gates of Wimbledon Park Golf Club, the young lady wearing an orange steward’s vest held up a hand and issued a polite, “Stop, please.”

Nice panelling, soft lighting, moody French music and a comfortable group of regulars