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Divorce Meditation Richardson TX: Making Divorce Easier For Children

Avoid the adversarial nature of divorce court with divorce mediation Richardson TX. Once a little-known alternative to lengthy courtroom divorces, mediation has grown in popularity. Divorce mediation focuses on discussion instead of legal arguments and compromise instead of “winning” at all costs. Combative divorce proceedings do more than hurt the divorcing couple. They can have long-term emotional effects on children, so it is important to make divorce as easy as possible for the children involved.

Divorce Mediation Richardson TX: Protect your Children
Divorce is hard on children, and even though mediation spares them the anxiety caused by testifying in court, parents can unknowingly put pressure on kids by asking them to “takes sides” or even by manipulating them through parental alienation. Talk to your children together. Answer their questions and assure them everything will be okay. When kids see both parents co-operating and making the transition run smoothly, they’ll feel better. It won’t allay all their fears, but it will let them know both parents are equally dedicated to loving and supporting them.

During divorce mediation, concentrate on the best co-parenting solution. A study found that there are five co-parenting types. They are:

Perfect Pals – These co-parents communicate well during and after a divorce and remain friends. They reach co-parenting decisions easily, and may even spend holidays together with the children.

Colleagues – The majority of couples fell into this category. They’re able to reach a co-parenting agreement for the sake of the children. They put aside their personal differences to ensure the children have equal time with both parents. Even when these parents remarry other people, they’re able to cooperate in child custody matters.

The last three groups aren’t really co-parents at all, but traditional sole custody situations with varying degrees of co-operation by both parents. These parents had moderate to no interaction with each other, and low to no communication. Divorce mediation helps eliminate these “all or nothing” situations.

Divorce Mediators Richardson TX: Minimize Social Media Dangers

Exercise caution when texting or posting on social media. Careless posts may be used as proof of alcohol or drug use or show poor parenting skills that can be used as a bargaining chip in mediation. Keep your social media posts neutral during mediation. Stop and think before you post; don’t write anything when you’re angry. Keep your accounts private, but be aware that people may be able to access your page through security flaws or mutual friends’ accounts. Don’t exchange private messages with people you don’t know well, and avoid using inflammatory language when you exchange emails or texts with anyone regarding your divorce mediation case. Better yet, delete or deactivate your social media accounts before divorce proceedings to avoid potential problems.

By safeguarding your social media pages (as well as texting and emails), you prevent problems that will affect your children adversely. Remember, even if you delete a post or tweet, someone may have saved it to use against you. In today’s interconnected world, it’s always possible your kids will find out about digital indiscretions.

Find the best co-parenting solution for your needs by setting up divorce mediation Richardson TX with the Divorce Mediation Centers of Texas. We’ve worked with couples for 30 years to help them resolve co-parenting, financial and property issues. Call us today at (469)630-3400 for a free consultation.

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