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Meningitis is actually an infection and inflammation of the meninges. These meninges are nothing, but membranes that cover the spinal cord and the brain. This condition can be caused by different germs inclusive of virus, fungi and bacteria. Experts are of the opinion that most cases of meningitis are due to viruses, but there is exception to cryptococcal meningitis. This condition, which is shortly referred to as CM can be caused by two different types of fungus. The types of Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii. This disease is something rare in healthy people and experts are of the opinion that it generally affects individuals with compromised immune system. However, many alarming deaths are caused by this condition these days.

Effective medicine for Immunocompromised:

When it comes to effective medicine for this condition, flucytosine is stated to be the effective medicine. Even though, many people are dying out of this condition, the problem is that this medicine is not made available  in most parts of the world, particularly in the countries, where more and more people are losing their life to this condition. Reports state that this condition, which is otherwise referred to as cryptococcosis, kills more than 1600 people from around the world every day. In addition, annual deaths are showing alarming numbers.
Cytoflu is generic Flucytosine which helps to fight Candidosis , Cryptococcosis
Aspergillosis, Chromoblastomycosis in HIV, Cancer & Solid Organ Transplant Patients.

Ancobon,Ancotil to rescue:

As Flucytosine is not available in all nations (specially India & South Africa) , to save the lives of people, there are excellent alternatives called as Ancobon and Ancotil. These medicines are made available as authentic remedy for cryptococcal meningitis and the manufacturers are providing this medicine with a view to save the lives of many people from around the world, who are losing their lives to this condition.

Cost benefit:

Another excellent thing about Cytoflu is that as against Ancotil & Ancobon, which is either unavailable in some countries or not available for many people due to its huge cost, they are offered at affordable cost. Flucytosine affordability will help even economically weaker section of community to get these medicines, so that they need not have to lose their lives to deadly cryptococcosis specially in Africa & India. Cytoflu is priced 70% lower than any brands of flucytosine available in Grey market ( Ancobon & Ancotil).

Planning for worldwide availability:

As mentioned earlier, Flucytosine is not available in many countries. However, to make the remedy for this fungal infection available for all countries, Ancobon and Ancotil will be supplied by the manufacturers to all countries of the world.

So,individuals diagnosed with cryptococcosis need not have to worry about their life, they have the excellent remedies in the form of Ancobon and  Ancotil.

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