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Summer is just around the corner and we all know the best way to enjoy it is outside. Unfortunately that can be hard to do when your backyard consists of dirt and a few patches of overgrown weeds.

Envirolawns is one local company offering a solution to a lacklustre backyard as more and more Australians are turning to synthetic lawns to complete their outside entertaining areas and improve the look of their homes.

“Envirolawns is a great solution in Australia. We live in a hot environment where it can be hard and expensive to grow lawn from scratch” Pete Stubbings, founder of Environlawns, said.

Artificial grass is also good for people who are time poor. We’ve all got so much going on nowadays and tending to lawn can be time consuming and frustrating”.

Pete started Envirolawns in 2009 and has been offering a personal touch to his service ever since.

“We are not an oversized, faceless company” he explains.

“When we come out to quote your place, you’ll always be dealing with me. I’ve worked 35 years with people of all walks of life, which makes it a lot easier to determine the individual needs of all sorts of people.

“I’ve got the ability to go to any institution or manufacturer direct and get the latest technology and best lawn for my customers. We’ll bring out at least six samples of artificial lawn so you can see how they look in your own backyard with light and shade. A mistake a lot of people make is feeling pressured into choosing something right there in the store” he said.

The passion Pete feels for his business and customers is immediately obvious. After working behind a desk for 10 years prior to starting Envirolawns, he says he knew he was ready for a change.

“I had a great job in Advertising, but I knew I was missing something. With Envirolawns I’m in the outdoors every day, meeting new people all the time and more often than not, I’m there doing the physical work with the install as well!

“It’s a business that I can be in control of which delivers better results for my customers. With Envirolawns, we decide what lawn to buy, what subcontractors to use, the best time to work with our customers and what type of fitting works for their yard – we’re in control of it which means our customers can experience a lot more flexibility.

“We complete about 80% of your fake grass installation in two days. Your neighbours might see us arriving in the morning and cleaning up at the end of the day but that’s it. It means less disruption to you and your street” he explains.

Envirolawns uses the latest polypropylene and polyethylene woven heat set UV stabilised and is non-carcinogenic and lead and heavy metal free, as well as being UV resistant which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers, people in harsh dry environments, landscapes prone to weeds and for people who do not have time to tend to a lawn on a daily basis.

To find out more, please contact Peter Stubbings on 1300 39 7717 or