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Baby Feeding Products Online

Some of the best baby feeding products can be found online! No need to go to any shops because who has time for that anyway?  When you buy from online businesses you are able to access a range of products you can’t usually find in bricks and mortar stores, many of them at the cutting edge of innovation.

From food pouches, sustainable plates, bowls and cutlery, silicone storage products and lunchboxes you can’t find anywhere else.  Buying online is easy, fun and best of all you don’t have to leave your house.

The following is a general rundown of baby feeding products you can buy online

Food Pouches

Reusable food pouches are one of the go to products for your little ones.  You can buy multiple sizes and in different styles and colours.  Yoghurt, Custard, Purees, Cereal, Jelly and lots more can go in a pouch to be pulled out for easy mess free eating.  Not only that but you can freeze multiple baby food pouches and pull them out at a later date, now that’s what I call fast food!

Bamboo Dinner Sets

One of my favourites, bamboo is a sustainable material that is biodegradable, much better for the planet than the not so fantastic plastic alternatives.  Bamboo looks great and natural and also won’t leech any nasties into your little one’s food.  I’m yet to see a Bamboo feeding set in any of the baby shops where I live (I’m sure they are available in other cities, just not mine).

Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

One for the whole family – stainless steel drink bottles are much better for you than the plastic varieties.  Re-usable and they will never wear down and bleed any nasty chemicals into you drinking water.  You can buy stainless steel baby bottles and with a few add-ons they can be turned into a sippy cup for toddlers and later a straw top for older children.

Silicone Lunch Boxes

A new version of the classic lunch box is silicone moulds with lids that can store your food. I have even seen some that can be flattened when they are not in use, a great option for storage.  Again silicone is a safer alternative to plastic.

Glass Bottles

Who knew you could still buy glass bottles?  I didn’t when I had my first baby but if I had I definitely would have gone for a glass bottle with a silicone protector (they also make it easier for bubs to hold their own bottle).  Just another alternative to plastic.


These are just a small example of the kinds of baby feeding products you can buy online.  There are more out there and there are always new and exciting products on the horizon.  Buying baby feeding products online offers an alternative to the over saturation of plastics we often buy when faced with no other choice.  Not only that but when you buy online, you are often supporting small home based businesses who take a lot of time and effort into choose the products they stock.