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Baby Cloth Nappies

Attempting to dip your toe into the cloth nappy world can be overwhelming at the best of times.  

There are so many different styles, brands and different advice that it can become quite daunting.

This article aims to make cloth nappies a little clearer if you are confused.

Cloth Nappy Styles

There are five main styles of baby cloth nappies:

1. All in One (AIO)

2. All in Two (Ai2)

3. Pocket

4. Fitted

5. Prefold

All in One

These nappies are a one piece system where the absorbent inner is

sewn into the waterproof outer shell of the nappy itself. You use

them once and then the whole nappy goes in the wash. All in one’s

will have a waterproof backing to hold in any liquid and can be

boosted with extra inserts if you need more absorbency. These

nappies are the closest thing to a disposable, no folding, no stuffing

and no need to snap anything in!

All in Two

This is a two part system, the absorbent inner is snapped in to a

waterproof shell and can be removed when soiled; leaving you

with a cover that can be re-used for another set on inserts. All in

two’s work out to be quite cost effective as a secondary set of

inserts is usually half the cost of the original nappy.

Pocket Nappies

Pocket nappies are a two part system where the waterproof outer has a pocket

sewn into it. This pocket is then filled with absorbent inserts. The side of the

pocket that sits against baby’s bottom is usually suedecloth or microfleece.

These two fabrics help pull away moisture and draw it into the absorbent inserts

sitting underneath. This ensures you baby’s bottom is kept dry. You can boost

the absorbency of a pocket nappy by adding extra inserts inside.

Fitted Nappies

A fitted nappy is a fully absorbent nappy which does up around your

baby’s legs and tummy. Fitted cloth nappies are highly absorbent but

require a waterproof cover. These nappies are washed after wearing

and the cover reused for another nappy. Fitted nappies on their own

are usually reasonably priced but once the cost of three or four covers

is added on they become one of the more expensive systems. They

are the most absorbent out of all cloth nappies though, so if you have a

heavy wetter or need some extra absorbency, these are well worth


Prefold Nappies

By far the simplest and most economical cloth nappy on the market.

Prefolds are cotton or bamboo squares which have extra layers sewn

into the middle. These squares can be folded to fit inside a

waterproof cover and can even fold around your baby then held

together using a snappy. The easiest way to use a prefold is to fold

the square in three and lay it into a waterproof cover, and then you

simply lay you baby on top and do up the cover around them.

Baby cloth nappies may be confusing to begin with, but once you have them figured out you will find

them super easy to use. They are much better for the environment, you have much less smelly

rubbish sitting around your house and they will save you at least $1000 on your first child. As long as

cloth nappies are cared for correctly they should last you through at least two or even three

children, and they can even be sold second hand after you are finished with them. This will save

your family $3000-$6000 per child, who wouldn’t say no to that?