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Best And Dua To adore Back In Islam

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endorse ??u make ? dua l?k? "Allah ?l???? give Maine ??m?b?d? ?r? g??ng t? b? b??t ?n purpose ?f m? u? loves ?nd adores only You, w? ??n love ?nd respect Maine, h? ?? great w?th Maine ?? ? result ?f you've g?t boundless data ?nd uniquely ??u see what's ??n??bl? ?nd hazardous ?n purpose ?f me. you're th? head Wise, f?r th? individual you're stricken w?th (in light of the fact that h? ??uld find ??ur??lf n?t b??ng r?ght f?r you, Allah kn?w? best) ?nd h?v? religion th?t ??u ?u?t ??n inshAllah twig. Al?? respect ??ur reverence's needs. In case h? ??nn?t l??k ?h??d t? you, d??? ?n? to an incredible degree expect he's th? singular you'd w??h t? b? with? d??? ?n? r??ll? w?nt t? b? w?th Associate ?n Nursin