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In the medical science named orthodontics, efforts are made by the doctors to treat and rectify various faults which occur in the teeth of people like cross bites, open bites, deep bites, malocclusions, under bites, crooked teeth and many different types of flaws. There are even different types of procedures and materials which can be chosen depending upon the different types of teeth. Arch wires, rubber bands, “O-rings”, brackets and many more such things are designed to work together to bring about the change in the shape and structure of the teeth.
Among many other nations, China is found to possess very talented doctor with extremely good results who provide their patients with the best possible dental care. The orthodontic products from China are well known all across the world. It is one among the leading producers of the orthodontic materials, hand pieces, instruments, accessories, molar bands, buccal tubes, bonding adhesives, denture (crown) mono block brackets and may more. Including these, the orthodontic brackets from China are exported to many different countries all across the world. The quality of the products is really remarkable.
Some of the featured products which are produced are as follows:

• Wick Alexander bracket: This product takes up an advanced line cutting process and a processing and wielding technology in its task. It uses the no damage to gum method, easy removable belt, light traction technique and does not produce discomfort.
• The ultra slim self-ligating brackets: These self-ligating brackets have an innovative hidden hook design which has replaced the long hooks which were used in the inter as well as intra maxillary designs. The ultra slim profile design is also confortable for the patients. There is even an easier locking and unlocking system with a unique opening direction with it. The metal injection moulding technology and the latest polishing technologies are applied on it in order to give it an auxiliary aligned effect.
• Cheek and lip retractor: The durable plastic design of the cheek retractor is heat sterilizable, autoclavable and disposable too. It enables the doctor to have a maximum view of the posterior while it holds the cheeks and the lips easily. While the lip retractor is used in case of taking pictures or while handling the difficult bonding cases.

• Ligature ties and separators: There are various types of ligature ties found in China which are divided into various types and categories like normal (1000 pcs/ pack), V-Ties (10x100 = 100 pcs/ pack; they are easier to operate on), Kitty ties (40x25 = 1000pcs/ pack), Flower and Mickey ties (40x25 = 1000 pcs/ pack) and many more types. The separators are all injection moulded with an optimum material and hence they are able to maintain their elasticity and colour.

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