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Angry Birds - so far was one of the most downloaded games!

One of the most popular games include Angry Birds. As well as because of the amazing graphics this game has been a runaway success for the most creative play environments.

All today is one of the best known games in the world. It was developed by a Finnish developer Rovio called entertainment. This game is easy to use format and adults as well as children in a funny way lures are a very addictive style.

Angry birds game birds to push things in the right basic structure and has not deviated that different players score them. The player progresses in the game, his accumulated points and go up levels that are more complex than ever. Angry birds game 2 billion applications downloaded in the world games such a success.
Franchise environments and structures have been extended to include after success in a wide range. This season, like now like Star Wars, Rio, different themes, as well as in areas such as environment includes Space and Crazy go. They also have a Transformers movie franchise-themed Angry Birds game to start "Angry Birds Transformers" made with cooperation.

Why so popular?

Angry Birds Go Crazy has been hailed because of an active user-themed game for graphics and gaming performance. Players are concerned with their fingers grip to ensure a continuous experience.

This time, defeat the red bird and pig king tries to recover the stolen gold egg. Players journey for our help angry birds and beat him and win the war should reach the king. On this trip, use your keyboard arrow keys and collect the eggs and pork on the way to the end to kill. Like a Mario game, with right and left arrow keys to move left and right and you can jump with the up arrow key.