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Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Surely Bring A Positive Change In the Society

If you look at the top rated charities in India you can surely find the Lions club playing a very active role in the welfare of the Indian society. The Lions club which has been established in India in the year 1956 has gradually enhanced its presence in the country playing an important role in different social responsibility programs through its 2,40,000 volunteers across 6,400 clubs reaching out even the remotest locations in the country to help out people in need. The club has a huge impact on the Indian society which actively participates in offering instant relief programs as well as design long term social welfare programs that bring a change in the lives of the needy people.

You can find the club partnering with many ngo originations in India to enhance economic independence and social integration of both men and women to lead better lives. The club initiates many programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of women in becoming more productive and find employment opportunities to improve their lives. You can also find the club actively participating along with other social welfare providers in India in trying to bridge the gap between the medical facilities available in rural and urban India. The Lions club also conducts several medical camps for the underprivileged along with opening medical care facilities and hospitals in different places across India.

The club also encourages youth development by initiating different programs like character building, drug awareness programs, service learning and also creates an opportunity through social and emotional learning programs for them to pave a bring future for their lives. The club is also active in facilitating basic education to children in the rural areas.

The lions club also partners with corporates, NGOs, government bodies and philanthropists to take part in the corporate social responsibility programs by helping them identify different projects and successfully take up the project for implementation of the social needs. They are in fact known as the most transparent and accountable partners to ensure that every single rupee spent by the partner reaches the needy. The club also actively takes part in the national campaigns initiated by the government to see that it reaches out far and wide across the country.

Anyone interested in doing voluntary services can join the Lions club as a member and do their part for the betterment of the society as well as their fellow citizens.


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