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All you need to Know about insulated Coffee carafes

From hotels to office spaces, insulated coffee carafes are everywhere! Well, with more and more people turning to coffee to keep them warm, awake and energetic or for other health benefits the demand for hot, fresh coffee is on the rise. Using warming elements such as a warming plate, a French press, coffee pot, etc., to keep the coffee hot kills the fresh aroma and the taste of the coffee. Consuming coffee from such a container, an hour or so after might taste bitter and not its original taste.

Insulated coffee carafes retain the heat and maintains the original temperature of the food stereos in them, unlike other warming elements that add heat to the food stored.  Thus, helping the food to remain fresh and not lose its original taste, flavor. There are many types of carafes available in the market, while some can keep the foods stores hot and fresh for an hour or two, others can maintain the temperature for even longer time.
Different types of Coffee carafes available:

Mainly two types of coffee carafes are available in the market. Thermal coffee carafe and the Glass Coffee carafe. Glass carafes are made of glass and are transparent allowing you to see the food stored inside of it. On the other hand, thermal carafes are made of metal and non-transparent. Glass carafe use a warming plate to keep the coffee hot, without a warming plate glass carafes can keep the foods hot only for limited time. If you need to store the foods for a longer period of time, thermal carafes are a better option as they come with a stainless steel lid to close the carafe and can keep the liquids or foods inside hot for a longer period.
Insulated coffee carafes:

With an insulated carafe, you can avoid the need for a warming plate to keep the liquids, foods inside hot for a longer period. Especially, if you need small batches of coffee regularly, insulated carafes are the perfect option available. Today, insulated carafes have extensive usage in Hotels, restaurants, modern offices, etc., as they can hold the foods inside hot for long period with the need for a warming plate. Some of the advantages of Insulate coffee carafe are:

•  With the insulated carafes that does not use a warming plate, which applies heat directly to the coffee resulting in a bitter tasting coffee, you can preserve the original temperature and the flavor of the coffee.

•  These carafes with insulation can hold large volumes of coffee, higher than the regular coffee pots.

•  Finally, these pots are lightweight and are easy to carry anywhere you go!

With so many advantages, insulated coffee carafes are here to stay and help you make a fortune reselling these carafes. Make sure you source these products from a quality manufacturer. Check the credentials of the factory, of the wholesaler before ordering them for your resale business.


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