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Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - What to Look Out for

Whatever time of the year it is, all of us would love a little drink break, especially if the drink is fresh and soothing. But unfortunately, making yourself a cup of coffee or a chilled juice every time you feel like it is not possible, blame it on the erratic work schedules or sometimes sheer laziness to get off that couch. That is why it is an absolute must to have a stainless steel vacuum flask and keep it with you wherever you are, home or office.


All that you have to do is to fill it with the drink of your choice to enjoy your uninterrupted movie marathon, study time or work schedule without having to run to the kitchen or canteen every now and then. The thermos must be of excellent quality to cater to all your needs. Here are the top features with which they are available today. Make your pick!


Two in One!


There are stainless steel vacuum flasks that are available with enough capacity to store two drinks of different temperatures. These have been designed to make sure that they don’t mix, whatever position they are placed in. This is absolutely perfect for a small group or for someone who doesn’t know what he or she will crave in the next few hours. Though these flasks are a tad costlier, they wills cater to all your needs perfectly.


One Shot Flasks


This is perfect if you want to save just a cup of beverage for future craving. These come with special designs that enable you to drink straight out of the flask without any fuss at all. They are available in different sizes and you can choose how much you want to drink at one shot.




These have been available for quite a long time, but they are of immense benefits to trekkers and campers who do not have to worry about adding this to their already heavy backpacks. Large size ones are also available to help them stay hydrated for long periods of time.


Bottle Type


These are usually used for cold drinks that can be consumed right out of the bottle. Hot drinks can also be stores if, and only if you have a mug nearby. These are stylish and currently trending among the younger generation.


Stylish Appearance


Flasks are now available in different patterns and colours. Ranging from the plain ones preferred by office goers to funky ones that today’s youth are absolutely in love with, every single pattern is made available today. In fact, the kids have a section of their own filled with cartoon characters that are captivating to the little eyes.


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