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Buiding Your Online Presence is Easy

Getting an online presence has always been exciting for a person like me. I always wanted to have my own website where people could come and share their experience and views on different trending topics around the Globe. When I used to open my personal computer and connected it to the computer it took me to a different world, I could be in front of it many hours. There were days when I didn’t sleep as the time passed by like a roller coaster.


One website would lead me to another and this used to continue for many hours. Once I woke up the first thing that came into my mind was to open my computer and check what's going around the world. As I was on my PC a thought came in my mind even I can also contribute a little piece of my being in this sea of internet. I never knew being an owner of a website would be so much of fun.


When I enquired I came to know that, it requires a domain name. For a person like me who has least technical knowledge, I never knew what a domain name is because while using the internet I just typed in the website name in the space provided and it took me to the website where I wanted to go or I would type anything I wanted to know about in Google and it would lead me to the website which I preferred. Hence I came to know that domain name is nothing but the website name which we type in the space provided. I wanted my domain name to be catchy as it would attract more people, as I preferred something that I was attracted to. Hence I contacted one of the domain registrars in India and asked to book my domain name they asked me the extension I would prefer. As I am an Indian and wanted more of an Indian audience so I chose a .in domain for my website.


Hence I finished off my domain registration process within few minutes of my conversation with domain registrar. Now the next step was to host my website as most of the domain registrars also provide web hosting services, this made my job easy as I did not have to contact any other service providers. I took a hosting package which most suited my website and this decision was made easy to me by the support team which gave me an appropriate hosting package for my website.

It’s been an year now since my website has aired, and I have gained many followers and they have liked my website. If you want your online presence I would suggest to buy domain from a registrar and web hosting provider and bring your thoughts to the world ahead.