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Guide on the Structure of Admission in Capital School Bahrain

Capital School Bahrain is a new addition to list of schools in Bahrain which has been opened in January, 2015. Our school has the mission to provide high standard of education and overall development of children. We follow the English National Curriculum and study pattern of UK. And at the same time make the students aware of the life and language of Bahrain. We teach English language to make students communicate in the international language and at the same time we offer classes in Arabic and Islamic languages too.


Application Procedure at our School

Capital School Bahrain offers admission into foundation stage and primary school. The procedure of admission in our school is similar to any of the list of schools in Bahrain.

  • The admission form is to be submitted to the school with all important information. This form must be carefully filled and signed by parent or legal guardian. The information like some issues with the child including medical or social or disciplinary or psychological problems must be clearly mentioned in the application.
  • Along with the application form a non-refundable fee has to be paid. This is an assessment fee which can be made through cash or cheque or card or even online transfer.
  • Once assessment is complete, the school sends an offer letter. To register for the seat, a fee has to be paid. This is again non-refundable amount which will be deducted from the first term tuition fees.
  • For children who not available in Bahrain for assessment are given condition to be assessed when they arrive.
  • Mathematic, English and general ability tests are conducted for age group of 1 to 6. The school may look for reports from previous schools and even contact them for further information.
  • If the school receives more allocation than the number of seats available, a waiting list can be created after three months of admission. This is filled according to some criteria and priority given to child whose sibling currently studies in the school.

Offer of Places for Special Children

 Our school as a part of many in the list of schools in Bahrain offer admissions to students who are suitable for a particular class. Every student has to appear and qualify the assessment tests to get a seat in the Capital School, Bahrain. But along with the mainstream, we also consider the students from outside the stream if they qualify to study and continue to grow with the curriculum. The students are offered a place in the school who have:


  • Partial loss of vision
  • Delayed or difficulties in learning abilities
  • Mild hearing loss
  • Limited mobility
  • Trouble with motor skills

For more details on the admission format of the Capital School, you can always visit the website