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Use water features and succulents to make your garden a peaceful and beautiful retreat

With the accurate choice of garden décor, one can simply make their garden an enjoyable addition of their home. In fact the space for relaxing, dining and entertaining can double in size when one adds to the available space in their yard to a usable square footage in their home. There are many people who let such space languish unused, yet the right garden decorating tips will help in turning an outdoor area into a peaceful and beautiful retreat that one cannot wait escaping to.

Smart ways of transforming a garden

Even the most unlikely and boring garden can be made exciting with the following garden accessories,


  • Water features- Water features when strategically placed in a garden can offer a dynamic component to a static design. In fact water elements offer a sense of calm and tranquility. The visual effects and sound that the flowing water offers is known for its stress relieving and soothing qualities. One big plus of using a water feature is that it will help to increase the value of a property by 20% or more. The good news is water features in Sydney are available in varied styles right from a simple statue serving as a beautiful fountain to complex designs which mimic natural features having terraces and water that cascade over the rock bed. Here the flow of water can be swift or slow with the feature utilized as a key design element or as a background. In fact, it is only one’s budget and imagination that can control the ultimate appearance.

  • Succulents- There are different types of shrubs and plants which can be grown within a garden. However, if one is considering indoor plants the list will automatically narrow down. Most landscape artists in Melbourne feel that one should beautify the interior of their home with small and neat plants. Here the best choice will be to opt for succulents. In fact, nothing can be better adapted than succulents for home interiors. Succulents in Melbourne are available in different blooms, shapes and colors, hence there is indeed something for fitting any aesthetic. One can have a complete succulent garden or intersperse succulents amid other plants. These can be directly planted in the garden soil or grown in containers. The different forms of succulents available here include flowering plants, larger tree type, perennials and groundcovers offering a wide diversity of colors, textures and shapes.


Melbourne is amid the highest water consumers in the world. This place also experiences droughts and when the drought worsens the people here faces a lot of difficulties due to decreasing water supply. By installing a water tank in their garden they can secure their water supply from the clouds which they can use for gardening and other purposes. Due to immense water scarcity the demand for water tanks in Melbourne has gradually gone up. These water tanks are available in a wide array of materials, sizes, colors, shapes and designs to suit the variegated needs of the inhabitants here.


About the Author: Being a keen enthusiast of this domain, Brayden Duigan has written this article that throws light on the importance of installing water tanks in Melbourne and also how the most unlikely and boring garden can be made exciting with succulents and water features in Sydney.