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Build an Online Site with Credibility and Security

It is important to gauge the ground before you take a leap on, as the information gathered may save you from falling in any harm’s way.  While creating a website the two most common things that pop up in mind are – domain name that in simpler terms is equivalent to the address of your house and web hosting service that if simply put can be compared to the place where you keep your upholsteries.


Just like the address of your house plays an important part in letting the visitors find your place out, the registered name of your website also helps the internet surfers recognize and find it out.  So, it is important to baptize it with a unique name that works in coherence with its character.


The Advantages of Recording the Name of Your Site:


  1. Being able to put the name of your web-place on the record through a licensed registrar is like having been delivered the title deed of recently purchased residence, as it gives you the ownership of your site.
  2. It makes your presence known over the internet.  Having the site registered under a name that is crafted seamlessly in accordance to its nature also gives the visitors cursory information about it.
  3. It brings credibility to your web-zone by adding a touch of professionalism to it, as it creates the impression of a well-established organization in the mind of the visitors.
  4. The inclusion of the brand name into the recorded name of your site will also help in better promotion of the venture, as the brand will get imprinted in the mind of the visitors and will travel through them.


Keeping all the aforementioned points in mind it can easily be said that having the name of your site recorded through domain registration India is a foremost and necessary step while building a website.


Once the registered name of the web-place has awarded you with ownership of it, the second most important thing to take care of is choosing a remote server called ‘host’ to store your data files with.


Advantages of Keeping a Host Server


  1. Most internet sites face the problem of downtime.  It is the time when your site is inaccessible to the visitors and if you are a commercial site holder then this may result in harming the reputation of your establishment by making you appear unreliable.  The longer the downtime it faces the greater the negative impact on the potential customers of your site.  In return, it may let your venture run in losses by decreasing the traffic to it.  Having a hosting server to assist you with ensures your site faces little to no downtime.
  2. If you like to maintain separate e-mails for personal and business correspondences, the hosting server of your choice can provide you with an e-mail address that is easy to memorize, as it matches with the name of the site and can also keep the business correspondences separate from others and present you with a more organized e-mail structure.


So, it can undoubtedly be said that keeping your data-files stockpiled in a remote server through Web Hosting India is a prudent step to follow while creating a website.




The writer, Sandra Marton, is experienced writing on subjects such as Domain Registration India and Web Hosting India.  So, her suggestions may be useful to those who are trying to create a new website.