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Make your sex life ravishing and shop sex toys online from US stores

You still remember those passionate nights when you used to spend the entire night kissing your beloved over the phone and dreaming of holding her passionately in your arms. Your dreams and sexual fantasies knew no limit; only a space was all you aimed at. Now it’s time you celebrate your passion in your private space recalling those frenzied moments of the two romantic souls. There are a thousand reasons one can have sex but the most important reason is because one wants to. Making love to your partner is a way of expressing your love for her in your very own way.

Having sex for the sake of your urge and having it to celebrate your emotions are two different things. The latter is an art that involves a lot of things and the most important among them is the foreplay. It is a normal tendency mainly found in males to jump into the intercourse before making the woman feel secure and appreciating her body parts. Rolling the eyes through all the parts of her body can arouse her intensely. However, online sex shop US can also guide you through the entire phenomenon.

There are many postures of intercourse and you may think of changing your regular conventional ways for a change. To talk elaborately about the exceptional postures, the following ones need to be mentioned:

1)      The butterfly position

2)      Coital alignment

3)      Baring the sceptre

4)      The counter top

5)      Seated scissors

6)      Get off, stand up

7)      Uncloaking the clit

8)      Shake and bake

9)      Pushing tush

10)   Happy scissors

These are the top ten sex positions that you can think of practising and bring a change to your conventional sex life of frequently and commonly used sex positions.

However, you must do it according to her mood and signals. Women often love talking while the process is on. You may engage in praising her while kissing and what stuffs you love about her. Foreplay makes a woman get the best orgasm every time. Foreplay can be done in some exceptional ways to bring a new dimension to your conjugal life. Apart from buying anal sex toys online, you can also go for using chocolates, fruit juices and use them in a different manner while making love!

Anal sex is what most men long to do in the bedroom. Anus is a tight elastic part of a woman’s body but is not self lubricant unlike vagina. Hence, anal sex can be made quite interesting and pleasurable if the zone is lubricated properly. You can gift your beloved sex wear for women so she can enjoy masturbating when you are away on your business trip.

Having sex using sex toys becomes more exciting when experimented in a new way. The above mentioned positions can add new charm to your love making during the nights full of passion. So, no need to wait any longer. Order your toys online and enjoy the pleasures of making love with your buxom belle!