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The Facts on Semi-Permanent Makeup

You may have heard about permanent makeup, the cosmetic technique that uses tattoos to give the look of makeup. Many people opt for this service on their eyebrows, eyes or lips in order to enhance their features and save time from applying makeup every day. However, some people do not want permanent makeup because it is, in fact, permanent.


Another technique that you might opt for is semi-permanent makeup. This technique, which was developed in Germany over 20 years ago has become very popular in Korea and throughout Europe. So, what exactly is semi-permanent makeup?


Unlike permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup lasts a long time, but not forever. It is the process of using pigment implanted into the thermal layer of the skin. It is a great way to properly shape and fill in your eyebrows, or have a lipstick that stays put no matter what you do.


Semi-permanent makeup in Korea is great for those who enjoy sports or traveling and don’t have time to retouch their makeup. It is also great for those who just want to maintain their best look at all times without having to worry about putting makeup on. Semi-permanent makeup has become more popular because of the convenience it provides.


Some of the most popular semi-permanent makeupservices include eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, hairline and even nipple coloring. For those who want a fuller eyebrow, eyebrow embroidery in Koreahelps balance your eyebrows and fill in the empty areas.

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